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Matt Dillahunty Steps Down as Host

2022-10-02 20:01 | News Update (Administrator)

The work of Matt Dillahunty as an Atheist Community of Austin (ACA) member, board member, board president, volunteer, and popular show host for the The Atheist Experience is but a part of his role in the greater world of atheism, secular humanism, and skepticism. Our organization, our members, and years of viewers have benefitted in countless ways from his engagement and passion. We are thankful to have been one of the many settings where an icon, a legend, and a friend has chosen to invest his energy and intellect.

Matt has hosted ACA’s The Atheist Experience for almost 18 years, becoming a stand-out personality on a roster of charismatic hosts since that show’s inception in October of 1997. Beyond his work on The Atheist Experience, Matt has been seen on countless stages around the world in the company of other luminaries who promote and protect the perspective and rights of an appreciative and growing demographic of non-believers. His commitment to the value of debate is such that losing an argument to Matt Dillahunty is almost the conferring of an honor–or at least a recognized rite of passage. Vern Graner, Board Chair, President and CEO of the ACA, remembers, 

“The first episode of The Atheist Experience I ever watched featured Matt Dillahunty and Jeff Dee. Over the years, so many hosts on The Atheist Experience and other ACA shows have made a huge positive impact in so many people's lives. Matt in particular has been a central figure in the atheist movement and has performed an amazing service for the ACA and for our fans.

I agree with Matt that the mission of the ACA is the most important thing to consider in the current regressive climate in which we find ourselves. It is crucial that we stay focused on the mission and work to carry it forward. Over the last 25+ years, Matt and other volunteers have given countless hours of their time to make all the shows at the ACA possible.

I am truly grateful for anyone and everyone that helps carry the burden with us. I wish Matt the best in his future endeavors, and I look forward to the continued success of the ACA, its shows, and its mission.”

All this to say that the Atheist Community of Austin has much respect and affection for Matt Dillahunty and we wish him all the best as he leaves the host chair of The Atheist Experience. We look forward to hearing from him and about him for Matt will certainly continue to challenge himself and all of us to bring our “A game” to the work.

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