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The Atheist Community of Austin

HOW TO Call the ShowS

The Atheist Community of Austin has three call in shows:

  • The Atheist Experience - Every Sunday at 4:30pm Central time
  • Talk Heathen - Every Sunday at 1:00pm Central Time
  • Truth Wanted -Every Friday at 7:00pm Central Time

There are two ways to call the shows

Call this phone number: 512-991-9242


Use your computer and click

On each show, we invite people to call in and share their beliefs with us, posing the fundamental question, "What do you believe, and why do you believe it?" Our knowledgeable hosts engage in respectful and intellectually stimulating conversations, challenging and dissecting the answers provided. Through this process, we aim to foster healthy debates and encourage our audience to think critically about religious and supernatural claims.

GUidance for When you call the shows

Be aware that our shows are live broadcasts- if the hosts choose to take your call, it will be recorded and broadcast. Be ready to go on the air at any time. Hosts don’t necessarily take calls in the order in which they are received, so you could be next, last, or any time in the middle. Always be ready.

Don’t watch the show through youtube while you’re on hold, instead listen through your phone as there’s a delay to YouTube and we don’t want you to miss your queue (a beep!)

No need to ask the hosts if they can hear you. Assume they can and just start talking with them.

Please do not use a speakerphone or speakerphone setting on your phone. If you're waiting to go on the air, don't mute yourself and don't put your phone on speakerphone. (speakerphones don't work well at all for call in shows!)

(Updated 10/13/2023)




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