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Ibid: Scholar, Warrior, and Defender of the One True Faith

The following is an excerpt from a letter my younger daughter wrote me ten years ago when she was a grad student at the University of Chicago and lived in the northwest Chicago suburbs.

She first complained about having a tomato crop that was too much to handle. "Life is going on much as usual, harvesting tomatoes. This morning the 'anti-evolutionists' came to my door. Two women and their children. They asked me if I thought the teaching of evolution in the schools would affect my happiness. There was only one possible response (laughter) so I just stared at them blankly as best I could. After several dozen probing questions about my marital status (if I wasn't married, why were there two cars in the driveway?) they discovered I was a student of anthropology, no less! That might as well be 'evolutionology.' They then proceeded to display their scholarly prowess. One woman whipped out her 'scientific book' on evolution. "Great scholars have written that evolution is false, a theory of the devil." She then proceeded to show me the index:

"Jones, Cecil, MONKEYS AND MAN. That's a very famous work," she told me. "Cohan, Geoffrey, EVOLUTION, another great scholar," said the Jesus lady. Ibid, page 225, and "Ibid," she told me, "is a great work." There was only one possible reply: "I hear 'Op Cit' is even better," said I. She agreed, saying that she had heard of him.

The Jesus ladies and their children assured me that they'd return. I am sure they will. Maybe, I'll ask them if they could get me a copy of some of Ibid's works. Maybe they'll even take some of the tomatoes.

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