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May 3rd 2007 will once again mark the "National Day of Prayer", when groups all across America will have prayer events. In Austin, a group will be having a Bible read-a-thon at the Texas State Capitol.

Atheists have a witticism that "Nothing Fails Like Prayer". Indeed, a little thought would lead you to this conclusion. Well conducted scientific prayer studies have born it out. With so much ado about nothing, there must be more than meets the eye.

The answer, of course, is that while the event is billed as National and ecumenical, it is really just conservative Christians promoting Christianity. And regardless of the religion it promotes, it's clearly an establishment of religion, prohibited by the establishment clause of the first Amendment of the US Constitution. As with our "In God We Trust" motto, the National Day of Prayer was created during the 1950s McCarthy communism scare. We can make no sense of destroying one's country from within by way of some ill-thought emotional panic to a perceived external threat. With luck, these wrongs will be righted someday.

We in the Atheist Community of Austin are avid advocates of church-state separation. Atheists in general know that, "The hands that help are better far Than lips that pray." (Robert Green Ingersoll, 1889). In response to the National Day of Prayer, for example, the Center for Atheism is advocating donating blood on that day and election day. They are calling the initiative the Gift to Life Day. We feel that efforts like this and theNational Day of Reason are far better things to participate in on May 3rd. Of course, members of the Atheist Community of Austin have participated in blood drives for a while now and we will continue to do so, regardless of prayer events.


Mike has graciously offered to host an ACA Movie Night at his home, on Wednesday, April 11th from 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm. If the event goes well, he may offer to host other movie nights. ACA Members are invited, but Mike's living room can only accommodate 10-12 people. Due to this limitation, latecomers may be turned away. Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks for themselves or to share. Attendees are also encouraged to RSVP so that Mike can give an indication as to whether or not there will likely be a seat for you. 

The movie night will focus mostly on movie watching and less on socializing. The first movie will start promptly at 7:00 pm so that everyone can get home at a reasonable time. The planned movies for April 11 are:

Please contact Mike via the this link should you have further questions. Mike's home is the same location as the 2006 Winter Solstice Party and the upcoming 2007 Vernal Equinox Party. Mike's address, a map to his house, and his phone number are available on the ACA member login page. 

We are looking for other potential hosts for movie nights, perhaps one "up North".

The ACA Vernal Equinox party will be on Saturday, March 24, 2007 from 6pm - midnight at Mike's house. Thanks to Mike for his hospitality! 

The party is for ACA members, their spouses, family, and atheist-friendly friends. Kids are welcome. RSVPs are encouraged so that Mike can gauge the size of the event. (<LINK REMOVED>). Also, e-mail him if you'd like to volunteer to help set up. 

Mike will provide steaks, potatoes, and beer too! If anyone wants anything else they'll have to bring it themselves. Please coordinate with Mike as to what to bring so that everything gets covered. 

Mike has a game room, arcade machine, and pool table. Rumor has it that there may be some real guitar players from ACA giving performances as well as the Guitar Hero game. 

Mike's address, a map to his house, and his phone number are now available on the ACA member log-in page. Details will be posted later on the aca_membersonly list. 

This page may be updated with details as they develop, so check back here prior to the event.

ACA memberships expire March 1st, so it's time for everyone to renew. If you have already paid for the upcoming year or if you are a lifetime member please disregard. For those of you that do need to renew below are the different options available for you: 

Membership Levels

  • Individual Membership - $24.00 per year, prorated at $2.00 per month. This level is available to everyone, although if you are not 18 years old we will require a signed parental consent form before accepting payment.
  • Student/Retired Membership - $12.00 per year, prorated at $1.00 per month. We may request a copy of your student ID or proof of age.
  • Family Membership - $36.00 per year, prorated at $3.00 per month. This level includes membership for two adults and their dependents younger than 25 years old, all of whom must live together.
  • Lifetime Membership - A single dues payment of $1,000.00 will give you a lifetime membership in the A.C.A.

We want to make the renewal process as painless and convenient as possible for you. Options are:

  • Mail a membership renewal to the following address: 
    Atheist Community of Austin 
    P. O. Box 3798 
    Austin, TX 78764
  • Or give your payment to any board member at any ACA meeting that you attend. This can be in the form of check/money order/cash. They will be sure to forward the information onto the treasurer.

We are also trying to update our records to be assured that we have everyone’s current information. If you have moved, have a new phone number, have a new email address, etc., please try to let us know. Use our contact form to send us any updates. 

Lastly we want to get the word out about ACA and are looking for new members. If you know of anyone that would like to join the ACA or get more information about our group please feel free to forward them the direct link to the sign up page:

Thank you for working with us on this! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

The crew of The Atheist Experience have begun publishing episodes of the local TV show on the Internet via Google. Google seems to have endless space to store video for people to watch and we have hundreds of episodes to share. It's a perfect match. Currently, about 3 months of episodes are available in full. More episodes are being added daily.

The ACA is hoping that this new media outlet will help The Atheist Experience find an even wider audience and bigger following. It's too early to know what effect the shows will have, but it is expected that The Atheist Experience will reach thousands more people.

To view the videos, you can click on the "Video" link for the appropriate episode from The Atheist Experience's archive page (

Atheist Community of Austin

The Atheist Community of Austin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive atheism and the separation of church and state. The ACA serves the local Austin community through outreach programs, providing informational resources and various volunteer activities. In addition, the ACA serves the community-at-large through free online portals including informational wikis, regular audio/video podcasts and interactive blogs.

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.

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