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June 4, 2017

Board Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

  • Time convened: 1:06 PM

  • Approval of Minutes:

  • Committee Reports:

  • Old Business:

  • New Business:

  • Time adjourned: 3:04

Board Members Present:

  • X Russell Glasser (Pres)

  • X Philip Session (VP)

  • X Lynnea Glasser (Secr)

  • - James Boone

  • X Steve Bratteng

  • X Kevin Carney

  • X John Iacoletti

  • X Don Rhoades

  • X Clare Wuellner

  • - Tracie Harris (leaving board member)


Old Business

  • Clare requested FB group moderation discussion at the beginning so she can participating before needing to leave by 2.

  • Desired feature list for website

  • Adjust donations for investment profits.

    • Tabled.

  • Phil: Proposed name tags for dinner after the show.

    • Tabled.

New Business

  • Designate 3 members to approve board meeting minutes prior to next meeting.

  • Don - bring a paper for all the board members to sign that they will agree to the rules.

  • Additional board meeting June 17th, 1PM, Saturday. Phil will post to Meetup. Russell will create Facebook.


ACA Committee Reports


  • Activism

    • Voter -


  • Activities

    • Campus Outreach

      • Russell - Spoke further with Matthew Folts, president of SSA. He is interested in getting involved, and may join us in the future.

    • Community Service - Phil Session

      • Russell and Phil joined FBB’s Humanist Disaster Recovery team in Baton Rouge, did some outreach.

      • Keep Austin Beautiful

      • Texas Ramp Project

      • Treefolks

    • Lectures and Presentations - Steve Bratteng

      • Jun -

      • Jul -Russell will ask Noelle give a replacement speech on Fake News

      • Aug - Mark will ask David Oliverio if he wants to speak on August.

      • Recommendation: Noelle George, executive director of FBB, lives in Houston

    • Social Activities

    • Special Events

      • Marathon Show Charity Event for Show’s Anniversary - Mark and Tracie

        • Is it still moving forward?

        • Splitting the proceeds evenly between charities: Foundation Beyond Belief, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center, Camp Quest, Humanist Disaster Recovery (Rebecca Vitsmun), AHH/Local group

          • Some of these may be part of the same group.

      • Bat cruise, Sept 23rd

        • Steve will reserve Trinity church.

        • Muhammad Syed will be our guest.

      • Austin Pride


  • Communication

    • Advertising & Marketing

      • Discuss Julia Rigler recommendations

      • Prize winners - Russell sent Mark 10 emails, did the prizes get sent?

      • Optimizing Google Search (Russell and Kevin)

      • Kevin - logo proposals



    • Atheist Experience TV Show

      • Mark - Approval of streaming AXP on Facebook: a) FB live is now monetized at the same rate (55% of ad revenue goes to creator) as Youtube, as long as a single video you stream gets at least 300 concurrent views. b) if approved, which page?

      • As per discussion last month, consider changing rotation to have Tracie at host level?

      • LibSyn

      • Green “call the show” button update

    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

      • Group moderation

        • Lynnea presented her document.

        • John suggested that there should be in general a set of rules for people who interact with the public - cast, crew, moderators, etc.

        • Moderator Eligibility - Phil Session motions for solution 3B, Russell seconds. Tabled.

        • Russell moves that all administrators must be members of the ACA. Don seconded. Unam. except Lynnea abstains.

        • Russell moves that all admins and mods must agree to ACA Moderator guidelines. Steve seconds. Unam approval.

        • Discussion about what level of membership we expect from Moderators.

        • Table discussion about what expectations of membership and sponsored membership we have for cast, crew, and moderators.

        • Lynnea Glasser motions that moderators do not need to be members, and this topic will be revisited. Russell seconds, Phil, Russell, Kevin, Steve, CLare, Lynnea, Don, for. John opposed.

        • Kevin suggests creating a list of banned words. Lynnea proposes they are added to the current blog post.

        • Russell moves that we inform the moderators of the new rules within 48 hours. Tabled.

        • Clare leaves.

        • Discussion on the rules.

        • Russell moves that we have an additional board meeting on 17th 1pm in the library. Kevin. Unam approval except Phil abstains. (he can’t come.)

        • Steve leaves.

        • Russell Glasser moves that with the proposed edits we accept the proposed document. Kevin seconds. Unam approval.

      • Mark social media proposals

    • Internet Communications - John Iacoletti

      • Website payment issues

      • Kevin - Thumbs up / thumbs down button (Tabled last month)

    • Media Relations

      • Phil - Are KUT PSAs running?

      • Mark - AtheistTV

    • Non Prophets Internet Audio Show - Russell Glasser

    • Print Publications

    • Products - Mark Vandebrake

      • Partnership with EvolveFish

    • New shows?

      • Tabled from last month: New show with mostly women / Godless Bitches replacement?


  • Business and Finance

    • ACA Protocols

      • Approval of bylaws - Don

    • Archivist - John Iacoletti (report by exception only)

    • Building - Don Rhoades

      • Lynnea - Home inspector ($400 approved last time)

      • Promoting studio rental contract on website, etc.

    • Membership - John Iacoletti

      • Russell was supposed to ask David Oliverio to become a member and be involved with group stuff if interested. Not done yet.

      • John - Sending harassment policy to members

    • Treasurer's Report - John Iacoletti

      • Proposed budget for 2016 - 2017

      • Russell votes for a budget continuance until June 17th, Don seconds, unam. Approval (Clare gone).


      • Phil Ferguson money management

      • Paypal account password


Atheist Community of Austin

The Atheist Community of Austin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive atheism and the separation of church and state. The ACA serves the local Austin community through outreach programs, providing informational resources and various volunteer activities. In addition, the ACA serves the community-at-large through free online portals including informational wikis, regular audio/video podcasts and interactive blogs.

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.

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