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June 17, 2017

Board Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

  • Time convened: 1:08

  • Approval of Minutes:

  • Committee Reports:

  • Old Business:

  • New Business:

  • Time adjourned: 3:01 All in favor, except James.

Board Members Present:

  • X Russell Glasser (Pres)

  • - Philip Session (VP)

  • X Lynnea Glasser (Secr)

  • X James Boone

  • X Steve Bratteng

  • X Kevin Carney

  • X John Iacoletti

  • X Don Rhoades

  • - Clare Wuellner


Old Business

  • Desired feature list for website

  • Adjust donations for investment profits.

    • Tabled.

  • Phil: Proposed name tags for dinner after the show.

    • Tabled.


Electronic Votes

❏     Jen Peeples proposed as a member of the social media committee. Proposed by Lynnea Glasser, Seconded by Kevin Carney. For: Lynnea Glasser, Kevin Carney, Clare Wuellner, Steve Bratteng, Philip Session, John Iacoletti. Against: Don Rhoades. Abstain: James Boone, Russell Glasser.

❏         Patti Pender proposed as a member of the social media committee. Proposed by Lynnea Glasser, Seconded by Kevin Carney (retracted). For: Lynnea Glasser, John Iacoletti. Against: Philip Session, Kevin Carney, Steve Bratteng, Clare Wuellner, Don Rhoades. Abstain: Russell Glasser, James Boone.

❏         Philip Session proposed as a member of the social media committee. Proposed by Philip Session, Seconded by Lynnea Glasser. For: Lynnea Glasser, John Iacoletti, James Boone, Kevin Carney, Steve Bratteng, Don Rhoades. Abstain: Philip Session, Russell Glasser, Steve Bratteng.

❏         Lynnea Glasser proposed as Social Media Chair. Proposed by Lynnea Glasser, Seconded by John Iacoletti. For: Lynnea Glasser, John Iacoletti, James Boone, Kevin Carney, Steve Bratteng, Don Rhaodes, Philip Session. Abstain: Russell Glasser, Clare Wuellner.


New Business

  • Vote in Treasurer

    • Don motions that we appoint John Iacoletti as treasurer. Kevin seconds. John abstains, all else approve.

  • Vote in Secretary

    • John motions that we appoint Lynnea secretary. Don seconds. Unam approval.

  • Kevin Carney motions that we remove the position of Archivist and that we transfer those duties to the ACA Librarian. James seconds. Unam approval.

  • Designate 3 members to approve board meeting minutes prior to next meeting.

    • Kevin, John, James (even though James wasn’t there 2 week ago)

  • Don - bring a paper for all the board members to sign that they will agree to the rules.

  • Russell - create new section “Online Presence” in the template.

  • Don - Mission Control Texas interested in meeting with us about the production of the TV show. AFS wants to have a release. Russell Glasser volunteers. Russell: listen to the voice mail and contact them.


ACA Committee Reports


  • Activism

    • Voter -


  • Activities

    • Campus Outreach

      • Russell - Spoke further with Matthew Folts, president of SSA. He is interested in getting involved, and may join us in the future.

        • Matthew Folts is not the president anymore. Gave Russell new president’s contact info.

    • Community Service - Phil Session

      • Keep Austin Beautiful

      • Texas Ramp Project

      • Treefolks

    • Lectures and Presentations - Steve Bratteng

      • Jul -Russell will ask Noelle George give a replacement speech on Fake News

        • Noelle will give the lecture and will co-host the show on that day.

      • Aug - Mark will ask David Oliverio if he wants to speak on August.

        • David will give the lecture on The Importance of Atheist Activism.

      • Sept  - Brett Buchanan: A cure for Christian Science.

      • Sept - Mitchell Diamond, tentative extra lecture. Needs an honorarium.

        • Hasn’t responded to confirm a specific date.

        • Steve may need to book another time/date.

        • Read chapter 1 of the email to see if he’s worth it?

        • May not be worth an extra time / date / cost.

      • Recommendation: Noelle George, executive director of FBB, lives in Houston

    • Social Activities

    • Special Events

      • Marathon Show Charity Event for Show’s Anniversary - Mark and Tracie

        • Kevin says he can’t take the lead on this one.

        • July 2018 = thousandth episode?

        • Mark wanted to take the reigns, but has his own projects.

        • Russell Glasser motions that we take the Marathon Show Charity Event off the agenda for now. James seconds. Unam approval.

        • Kevin will add the list of charities to the existing notes.

      • Bat cruise, Sept 23rd

        • Steve will reserve Trinity church.

          • Steve has reserved the church: 2-4.

        • Muhammad Syed will be our guest.

          • Russell Glasser will need to ask if he needs a projector.

          • Will probably stay at a hotel.

        • Bat cruise is 6 - 8.

      • Austin Pride - August 26

        • Jen has signed us up?

        • Austin Oasis wants to be next to ours.


  • Communication

    • Advertising & Marketing

      • Discuss Julia Rigler recommendations

        • Tabled.

      • Prize winners - Russell sent Mark 10 emails, did the prizes get sent?

      • Optimizing Google Search (Russell and Kevin)

      • Kevin - logo proposals

    • Storage of Master Files

      • We store files on emails / Facebook / Website physical locations.

      • Mark Vandebrake is working on making a master digital file.

      • Cloud storage project.

        • Part one: track down where the different files are.

        • Mark contact John Iacoletti for access to Yahoo group.

    • Creation of ACA Facebook page




    • Atheist Experience TV Show

      • Mark - Approval of streaming AXP on Facebook: a) FB live is now monetized at the same rate (55% of ad revenue goes to creator) as Youtube, as long as a single video you stream gets at least 300 concurrent views. b) if approved, which page?

        • James Boone motions that we approve Mark start stream and turn it off if it’s a problem. Tabled.

        • James Boone motions that Mark create an ACA non-personal account, authorize Mark alone for this. Russell seconds. Unam approval.

Kevin Carney motions that the ACA Board invite Tracie Harris to become one of the hosts. James seconds. John Iacoletti opposes. All else in favor.

          • Kevin will check with Tracie. Kevin will talk to Matt. Kevin will talk to the other co-hosts.

      • LibSyn

      • Green “call the show” button update

    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

      • Group moderation

        • Rules adopted two weeks ago. How’s it going?

      • Mark social media proposals

    • Internet Communications - John Iacoletti

      • Website payment issues

      • Kevin - Thumbs up / thumbs down button (Tabled last month)

    • Media Relations

      • Phil - Are KUT PSAs running?

      • Mark - AtheistTV

    • Non Prophets Internet Audio Show - Russell Glasser

    • Print Publications

    • Products - Mark Vandebrake

      • Partnership with EvolveFish

    • New shows?

      • Tabled from last month: New show with mostly women / Godless Bitches replacement?


  • Business and Finance

    • ACA Protocols

      • Approval of bylaws - Don

    • Archivist - John Iacoletti (report by exception only)

    • Building - Don Rhoades

      • Lynnea - Home inspector ($400 approved last time)

      • Promoting studio rental contract on website, etc.

    • Membership - John Iacoletti

      • Russell was supposed to ask David Oliverio to become a member and be involved with group stuff if interested. Not done yet.

      • John - Sending harassment policy to members

    • Treasurer's Report - John Iacoletti

      • Budget 2016 - 2017

        • Net loss of ~7,000.

        • Donations down for 2017 - possibly because of issues with donating on the website.

        • Never gave Camp Quest money (budget of $2,600.)

          • Kevin Carney - suggestion of tying Camp Quest to donations.

          • Russell Glasser motions that we send $2,600 to Camp Quest this month (in 2017-2017). Steve Bratteng seconds. Unam approval.


      • Proposed budget for 2017 - 2018

        • Randall’s card promotion - $0. Investigate? Kevin says not to.

        • Amazon promotion - fold this into social media. Update website to include this.

        • Freethoughts blogs - low.

          • Kevin and Don have the thoughts to move away from FTB.

          • Russell add Mark Vandebrake to FTB admins

            • Mark - compare stats on blogs vs. just episode posts.

        • Steve Bratteng motions that we budget $5,000 for “Website Redesign and Maintenance” (change name from Website Redesign to add “and Maintenance”. Don seconds. Don, Steve, Russell, Kevin, John vote in favor. Lynnea opposed. James abstains.

        • Kevin motions that the up to $6, James seconds. For: James, Kevin, Lynnea. Opposed: John, Steve, Russell, Don, John.

        • What about the social media coordinator position money?

        • Russell moves that we approve the budget with the ammendments. Steve seconds. Unam approval.

      • Phil Ferguson money management

        • John Iacoletti update - paperwork finished, waiting on Phil to open accounts

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