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ACA Annual Bat Cruise

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Adult - $30

Children (5-12) - $10

Children (4 & under) - Free

*****THE LOCATION IS "CAPITAL CRUISES DOCK @ 208 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704*****

Tickets should be purchased in advance at the ACA webpage:

Departure is right at 6 pm (PLEASE be punctual). We will have two big boats that will cruise up and down the river ending at the Congress bridge to watch the bats emerge.

There will be a pre-cruise lecture earlier in the afternoon with our special guest to be announced.

Pre-cruise lecture:

Dave Warnock: Dying Out Loud
1:00 pm
- | 4:00 pm

Trinity UMC,
4001 Speedway,Austin,TX,78751

On February 10 a man named Craig Stephen Hicks turned himself in to the police after fatally shooting three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, NC. According to news reports [link expired], Hicks was a fan of The Atheist Experience, and had been critical of religion on his Facebook page. The precise motivations of Hicks are not currently known.

The Atheist Community of Austin strongly opposes violence in all forms, whether it is motivated by hatred of someone else’s religious convictions, or a parking dispute. Acts of unprovoked violence may be inspired by a complex combination of factors that include ideology, mental disposition, and the social acceptability of various attitudes. It is overly simplistic to reduce the cause to any one factor. It is vital for believers and non-believers alike to draw a sharp distinction between criticism of someone’s philosophical positions, and the use or threat of deadly force.

We condemn this senseless act of murder, and extend our condolences to the families of the victims.

Atheist Community of Austin

The Atheist Community of Austin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive atheism and the separation of church and state. The ACA serves the local Austin community through outreach programs, providing informational resources and various volunteer activities. In addition, the ACA serves the community-at-large through free online portals including informational wikis, regular audio/video podcasts and interactive blogs.

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.

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