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These are DVDs of our Atheist Experience TV show. The description below includes the air date, people on the show, the show topic, and any notes about the DVD quality. DVDs are minimally packaged and should play in any DVD player.

AE-DVD-691 01-09-2011 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Tides and Sunrises. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-692 01-16-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Buzzwords of Ignorance: $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-693 01-23-2011 Jen Peeples w/Tracie Harris. Misconceptions About Atheists. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-694 01-30-2011 Jen Peeples w/Don Baker. Huckabee's Fundraising Ploy. (No intro, some sound problems.) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-695 02-06-2011 Russell Glasser w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-696 02-13-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-697 02-20-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Family Values. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-698 02-27-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-699 03-06-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Supernatural Explanations. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-700 03-13-2011 Russell Glasser w/Jen Peeples. Positive Atheism. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-701 03-20-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-702 03-27-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser and Ray Comfort. Interview with Ray Comfort. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-703 04-03-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Åron-Ra. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-704 04-10-2011 Russell Glasser w/Tracie Harris. A couple of news items. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-705 04-17-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Bullying Bans Persecute Christians. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-706 04-24-2011 Martin Wagner w/Jen Peeples. The Zombie Apocalypse. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-708 05-08-2011 Russell Glasser w/Don Baker and Greg Paul. Greg Paul and Atheist Civil Rights. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-710 05-22-2011 Martin Wagner w/Tracie Harris. Post-Apocalypse. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-712 06-05-2011 Russell Glasser w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-713 06-12-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-714 06-19-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Dan Patrick's Confusing Beliefs. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-716 07-03-2011 Russell Glasser w/Jen Peeples. Faith vs. Evidence. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-717 07-10-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner and Nick Lee. Atheist Alliance/Texas Freethought. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-718 07-17-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Camp Quest Drag. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-719 07-24-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Greg Paul and the Problem of Evil. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-721 08-07-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Beth Presswood. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-722 08-14-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Beth Presswood and Paul Mitchell. Texas Freethought Convention. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-723 08-21-2011 Jeff Dee w/Russell Glasser. How to convert an atheist. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-724 08-28-2011 Russell Glasser w/Don Baker. God vs. an Atheist: Abortion. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-725 09-04-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-726 09-11-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. The Pope's Response to 9/11 Anniv.. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-727 09-18-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Defunding Planned Parenthood. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-728 09-25-2011 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-731 10-16-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Texas Freethought Convention Recap. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-732 10-23-2011 Russell Glasser w/Jen Peeples. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-734 11-06-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Why Did Xians Stop Killing Jews? $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-735 11-13-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Anti-vax Goes Commercial. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-736 11-20-2011 Russell Glasser w/Tracie Harris. Atheist Isolation and Ouija Boards. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-737 11-27-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Catholic Pedophilia Failure. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-738 12-04-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-739 12-11-2011 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-740 12-18-2011 Russell Glasser w/Tracie Harris. Remembering Christopher Hitchens. $5.00 Qty.

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