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These are DVDs of our Atheist Experience TV show. The description below includes the air date, people on the show, the show topic, and any notes about the DVD quality. DVDs are minimally packaged and should play in any DVD player.

AE-DVD-638 01-03-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Childhood Indoctrination. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-639 01-10-2010 Russell Glasser w/Jen Peeples and Kyle Miller. Viewer Calls + POE Debate. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-640 01-17-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls.AE-DVD-640 01-17-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-642 01-31-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Christianity's Moral Failure. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-643 02-07-2010 Russell Glasser w/Tracie Harris. Hymns. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-644 02-14-2010 Tracie Harris w/Jen Peeples. The Naturalistic Fallacy. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-645 02-21-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner and Dr. Darrel Ray. The God Virus. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-646 02-28-2010 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Caller Questions. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-647 03-07-2010 Russell Glasser w/Don Baker and Kathleen Johnson. A Place at the Table. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-648 03-14-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/AronRa. Interview with YouTube celeb AronRa. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-649 03-21-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Faking It. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-650 03-28-2010 Tracie Harris w/Martin Wagner. Apologetics FAIL. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-652 04-11-2010 Jeff Dee w/Don Baker. The Prosperity Gospel. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-653 04-18-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. News Items. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-654 04-25-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Viewer Calls. (58 Minutes) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-655 05-02-2010 Russell Glasser w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-656 05-09-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-657 05-16-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker and Amie Parsons. SBOE Rally / Camp Quest. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-659 05-30-2010 Russell Glasser w/Jen Peeples. Creaming the Data. (VIdeo is low quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-660 06-06-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-661 06-13-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Islam's tender nerves. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-662 06-20-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Three pillars of apologetics. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-665 07-11-2010 Tracie Harris w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-666 07-18-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. 666. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-667 07-25-2010 Russell Glasser w/Don Baker. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-668 08-01-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/AronRa. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-669 08-08-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Agnostic Delusions. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-670 08-15-2010 Russell Glasser w/Martin Wagner. Coming Out Atheist. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-672 08-29-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-673 09-05-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Purpose of Religion? $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-674 09-12-2010 Don Baker w/Tracie Harris. Symphony of Science. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-675 09-19-2010 Russell Glasser w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-676 09-26-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. (Broadcast interruped w/other video 8 mins missing) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-679 10-17-2010 Tracie Harris w/Jen Peeples. Conspriracy Theorists. (First few minutes clipped) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-680 10-24-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-682 11-07-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Buzzword: $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-684 11-21-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-685 11-28-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. The Leavers. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-686 12-05-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Darrell Ray. Religion and Sex. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-687 12-12-2010 Russell Glasser w/Erica. Blogs and Chat Questions. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-688 12-19-2010 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Unravelling $5.00 Qty.

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