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These are DVDs of our Atheist Experience TV show. The description below includes the air date, people on the show, the show topic, and any notes about the DVD quality. DVDs are minimally packaged and should play in any DVD player.

AE-DVD-586 01-04-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Soteriology / Heaven. (First 2 minutes clipped) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-587 01-11-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Roll your own religion. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-588 01-18-2009 Russell Glasser w/Tracie Harris and Charity Spiers. End Times Theology For Kids. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-589 01-25-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. The Anti-Vaccination Movement. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-590 02-01-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Live Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-592 02-15-2009 Russell Glasser w/Don Baker. Why doesn't God scale up? $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-593 02-22-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. A Fallacy Model. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-594 03-01-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Catching Up. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-595 03-08-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Live Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-596 03-15-2009 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. An essay in $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-597 03-22-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Godly Societies. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-598 03-29-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Boy, do we get email. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-600 04-12-2009 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Easter. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-601 04-19-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Jesus Loves a Captive Audience. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-602 04-26-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Ex-Atheist. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-603 05-03-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Viewer Email $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-604 05-10-2009 Russell Glasser w/Martin Wagner. Kalam Cosmological Argument. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-605 05-17-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Rumsfeld's Bible quotes war briefs. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-606 05-24-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. The Bible's greatest hits (Genesis). $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-607 05-31-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Live Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-609 06-14-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Guerilla TV (from the couch). $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-610 06-21-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Live Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-611 06-28-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Bible's greatest hits (Genesis II). $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-612 07-05-2009 Russell Glasser w/Tracie Harris. A Ghost Story. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-614 07-19-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. TAM Recap. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-616 08-02-2009 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. The Argument from Game Design. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-617 08-09-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Bible's Greatest Hits: Killing. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-618 08-16-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Deconstructing $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-619 08-23-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. Would you die for a lie? $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-620 08-30-2009 Russell Glasser w/Martin Wagner. Live Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-622 09-13-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Spinning Suffering. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-623 09-20-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. More on Martyrs. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-624 09-27-2009 Russell Glasser w/Jen Peeples. Certainty and the F-word. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-626 10-11-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Callers. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-627 10-18-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. The Bible vs. Pro Life. (Audio gap 7:29-20:08) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-628 10-25-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Salvation. (Many audio problems; VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-629 11-01-2009 Russell Glasser w/Jen Peeples. Stealing Faith. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-630 11-08-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Viewer Calls. (Echo throughout) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-631 11-15-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-634 12-06-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Viewer Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-635 12-13-2009 Russell Glasser w/Martin Wagner. Live Calls. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-636 12-20-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Jen Peeples. The Reason for the Season. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-637 12-27-2009 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. The Argument from Ignorance. $5.00 Qty.

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