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These are DVDs of our Atheist Experience TV show. The description below includes the air date, people on the show, the show topic, and any notes about the DVD quality. DVDs are minimally packaged and should play in any DVD player.

AE-DVD-482 01-07-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Prediction. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-483 01-14-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Old Testament Gods. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-484 01-21-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. The Christian Left. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-485 01-28-2007 Don Baker w/Joe Zamecki. Atheist Activism. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-486 02-04-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Creationist Arguments. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-488 02-18-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Suicide. (Slightly shorter episode.) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-489 02-25-2007 Ashley Perrien w/Don Baker. Darwin, Hitler, & Martin Luther. (Airing cut off early; VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-490 03-04-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Atheist parenting. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-491 03-11-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Ashley Perrien. World Wellness Weekend. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-492 03-18-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Deconversion. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-493 03-25-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Pascal's Wager. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-494 04-01-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Bad creationist arguments. (1 Hour Episode; VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-495 04-08-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Ashley Perrien. Belief polls; Dan Patrick's bill. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-496 04-15-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Deconversion II. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-497 04-22-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Redefining Words. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-498 04-29-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Bogus Creationist Arguments. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-499 05-06-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Ashley Perrien and Vic Stenger. Vic Stenger's New Book $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-500 05-13-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Consciousness. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-501 05-20-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Creationism Evolves. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-502 05-27-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Religion and mental health. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-503 06-03-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Ashley Perrien. Responding to apologists. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-504 06-10-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Consciousness II. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-505 06-17-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Atheist humor. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-506 06-24-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-509 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. This is your brain on religion. (VHS Quality, some audio glitches) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-510 07-22-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Evolutionary Psychology. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-511 07-29-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. New! Improved! God 3.0. (Sound level problems) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-512 08-05-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Intolerance. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-514 08-19-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Dealing with mistakes. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-515 08-26-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Ashley Perrien. Presidential Candidates' Stands. (Video glitches near 45 min mark A/V Sync) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-516 AE-DVD-516 09-02-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Taoism. (Dark VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-517 09-09-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Leaps of Faith. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-518 09-16-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Altruism and Game Theory. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-519 09-23-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Ashley Perrien. Logical Fallacies. (VHS Quality, Last 5 minutes missing) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-520 09-30-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Explanatory Functions. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-522 10-14-2007 Ashley Perrien w/Russell Glasser. Bias. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-523 10-21-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Martin Wagner. Christian Messages (discussion). (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-524 10-28-2007 Matt Dillahunty and Various past AE hosts. Tenth Year Celebration. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-525 11-04-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Viewer mail: Christian Charity. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-526 11-11-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Pseudoscience. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-527 11-18-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Denis Loubet. Religon's alternate reality in the. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-529 12-02-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Hypocrisy. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-530 12-09-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Russell Glasser. Skeptical Straw Men In Fiction. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-531 12-16-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. Viewer Mail. (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-532 12-23-2007 Matt Dillahunty w/Tracie Harris. End of Year Potpourri. $5.00 Qty.

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