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These are DVDs of our Atheist Experience TV show. The description below includes the air date, people on the show, the show topic, and any notes about the DVD quality. DVDs are minimally packaged and should play in any DVD player.

AE-DVD-377 01-02-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Jeff Dee. Media bias in favor of religions $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-378 01-09-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Keryn Glasser. Ceremonie $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-379 01-16-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Don Baker. Philanthropy $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-380 01-23-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Russell Glasser. Evidence $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-381 01-30-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Jeff Dee. Creeping Intelligent Design $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-382 02-06-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Keryn Glasser. Critique of 'The Case for Faith' Chapter 2 $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-383 02-13-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Jeff Dee. Morality, News $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-384 02-20-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Russell Glasser. Creationism & Intelligent Design $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-385 02-27-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Don Baker. Ten Commandments $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-386 03-06-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Arlo Pignotti. Christian Paraphanilia $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-387 03-13-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Matt Dillahunty. Ten Commandments (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-388 03-20-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Russell Glasser. Debating Theists $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-389 03-27-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Don Baker. Easter, Resurrection Myt $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-390 04-03-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Keryn Glasser. Mormonism $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-391 04-10-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Jeff Dee. Pupose of the Show, Dominionism $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-392 04-17-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Russell Glasser and Tim Suto. Intelligent Design $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-393 04-24-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Don Baker and Mark Loewe. Science Education, New Pope $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-394 05-01-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Keryn Glasser, Matt Dillahunty. Advanced Directives $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-395 05-08-2005 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. National Day of Prayer Protest $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-396 05-15-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Russell Glasser. Kansas Evolution Debate $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-397 05-22-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Tim Suto. The Term 'Nigger' & Derogatory Labels $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-398 05-29-2005 Ashley Perrien w/Russell Glasser. Pseudoscience, Koran Flushing $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-399 06-05-2005 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Christian comic books $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-400 06-12-0205 Russell Glasser w/Matt Dillahunty. The Un-Holy Bible $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-401 06-19-2005 Russell Glasser w/Don Baker. Faith-based Charity $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-402 06-26-2005 Russell Glasser w/Keryn Glasser. Nihilism, Existentialism, & Atheism $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-403 07-03-3005 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. 10 Commandments Supreme Court Decisions $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-404 07-10-2005 Russell Glasser w/Matt Dillahunty. Scientology $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-405 07-17-2005 Russell Glasser w/Don Baker. Theism and the Matrix $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-406 07-24-2005 Russell Glasser w/Keryn Glasser. Abortion $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-407 07-31-2005 Matt Dillahunty w/Jeff Dee. Misc. Callers $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-408 08-07-2005 Russell Glasser w/Matt Dillahunty. The Bible in Public Schools $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-409 08-14-2005 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. The theological conquest of Africa $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-410 08-21-2005 Russell Glasser w/Keryn Glasser. About The Atheist Experience $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-411 08-28-2005 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Pat Robertson's call to murder $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-412 09-04-2005 Russell Glasser w/Keryn Glasser. Is Atheism a Religion? $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-413 09-11-2005 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Sex in the Afterlife $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-414 09-18-2005 Russell Glasser w/Keryn Glasser. The Meaning of Life (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-415 09-25-2005 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Miscellaneous Callers (VHS Quality) $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-417 10-09-2005 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. The Manufacture of Ignorance $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-418 10-16-2005 Russell Glasser w/Matt Dillahunty. Arguing about God $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-419 10-23-2005 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee and guest David Kent. Debunking Mormonism $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-420 10-30-2005 Russell Glasser w/Keryn Glasser. Atheism and Philosophy $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-421 11-06-2005 Matt Dillahunty w/Don Baker. Same-sex Marriage $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-422 11-13-2005 Matt Dillahunty w/Tim Suto. Blue laws. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-423 11-20-2005 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Miracles. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-424 11-27-2005 Matt Dillahunty w/Ashley Perrien. Miscellaneous Callers. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-425 12-04-2005 Russell Glasser w/Don Baker. The opiate of the masses. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-426 12-11-2005 Russell Glasser w/Keryn Glasser. Hyper-religiosity. $5.00 Qty.
AE-DVD-427 12-18-2005 Russell Glasser w/Jeff Dee. Anti-Reason Themes In Narnia. $5.00 Qty.

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