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2010 Voters' Guide Results

The sections below allow viewing of the candidate results using a progressive disclosure mechanism. For a given race or category of races, click on the show/hide link to reveal the data therein. The check marks (√) give an indication of which sections have candidate data. The absence of a check mark means that no questionnaires were received (or returned to sender) for that race or category of races.

Within each race results table, leaving the mouse on a question number will display the text of that question.

Candidates' responses are listed in the tables below using the following notation:

  • SA = Strongly Agree
  • A = Agree
  • U = Undecided
  • D = Disagree
  • SD = Strongly Disagree
Entries with an asterisk (*) note that the respondent modified the questionnaire statement to an extent that the response no longer addresses the questionnaire statement. Any statement that didn't include a response remains blank.

These formatted results were generated on October 3, 2010 based on 66 candidate responses. Alternate formats for this data are available as either a printer-friendly PDF file or as an Excel 2007 spreadsheet.

U. S. Representative (32 races) √ (show/hide)

18 questionnaires received.

Governor √ (show/hide)

1 questionnaire received.

Lieutenant Governor √ (show/hide)

2 questionnaires received.

Attorney General √ (show/hide)

1 questionnaire received.

Comptroller of Public Accounts √ (show/hide)

2 questionnaires received.

Commissioner of the General Land Office √ (show/hide)

1 questionnaire received.

Commissioner of Agriculture √ (show/hide)

1 questionnaire received.

Railroad Commissioner (show/hide)

Justice, Supreme Court (3 races) √ (show/hide)

3 questionnaires received.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals (3 races) √ (show/hide)

2 questionnaires received.

Member, State Board of Education (8 races) √ (show/hide)

5 questionnaires received.

State Senator (16 races) √ (show/hide)

5 questionnaires received.

State Representative (150 races) √ (show/hide)

25 questionnaires received.

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