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URGENT - Need atheist host for exchange student (Updated)

September 19, 2006

I just received the following via e-mail:

---- I'm emailing you because there is an exchange student in the Austin area that is needing a new host family ASAP. This student is living with a devout Christian family and there is much tension because the student has expressed to his host family that he believes in no God. I'm hoping that someone in your group would be willing to offer this student, from Moldova, a home for the remainder of the school year.


I've spoken to the director and they'll be sending me additional information about what is required/expected of host families and a bit more about the young man in need of rescue.

Please e-mail me at: (or if you think you might be interested in hosting, and I'll pass along all of the information.

Let's see if we can't save this kid a lot of misery and avoid sending him home with the wrong impression of the U.S.


UPDATE: The situation was resolved shortly after this announcement went out and the student no longer requires placement in a new home. Thanks to everyone who offered to help!

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From the officers:

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