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Why should the pope apologize?

I am an atheist but I am ashamed that the pope apologized for his remarks about Islam. This is not because of what was said but every time the world of Islam does not like something in the west we cower and attack our own selves. If you notice they never regret anything they say about other religions and especially about Israel and Jews. The next time these brain dead jerks demonstrate, I wish the west would just say "take the Koran and shove it"!

If we continue to give into this cult we will be under their control.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez demanded Pope Benedict to apologize to Indians in Latin America for saying this month in Brazil that the Roman Catholic Church purified them. Chavez, who regularly clashes with the Catholic Church in Venezuela but had not directly criticized the Pope before, accused the Pontiff on Friday of ignoring the "holocaust" that followed Christopher Columbus's 1492 landing in the Americas.

The Pope can't criticize one form of orthodox dogma; while trying to force another one on the rest of the world; when he knows better than anyone all the lies.

The Pope is not a true Christian. He (as many followers of Christ feel) is the gateway to hell. If you know nothing about Catholicism, do not speak about. I'm a "recovering Catholic". Tradition is what they are, and they 'splain the bible as they see fit. They're as close to being a cult as mormons, if one was actually to get into definition. Come on. You people are walking zombies!!!! Does anybody do any research? No! We mindlessly write ignorant things on web sites with no clue as to what we say? That aside, why should you care about a cult that disregards the true word of God? Because they pose a threat to a society that disregards their belief? Where is the Atheistic community? Too busy fighting Christianity? Rallying 'round the atheist flag pole? Are you ashamed of any other world leaders with a certain thought that have been against and demonstrated their anti- american views? Or is it only a religious view that you care about? We must understand that anti-American views are primarily about religion. I've traveled abroad and spoke with many people from Europe and Asia. It's not about what the liberal media makes it out to be. It's about the "States" overall Christian view that pisses people off. AND they don't know what to do with it. So, despite what you may here from this site people are becoming "saved", through the grace of God, at an alarming rate in the Middle East. This is a subject that the Muslims are trying to deal with. Why is this happening? Go research how much money is entering the US to aid Muslim recruits. And then ask why so many blacks (many of which are in jail), are becoming an Islamic follower, It's all about guidance and lack of research. I'd be more than happy to talk with you.

You are right, and I fear that this continued appeasement of a very virulent religion with the stated goal of dominating the Earth will actually make it so.

I wouldn't say, "take the Koran and shove it," but I understand the sentiment, and I hope that you could never be forced into apologizing to the Islamic community for it. If Islam could be tolerant of those with different beliefs, I would say, "live and let live." But this is not their credo. I am not bound by their religious laws, a concept that seems poorly understood by a great many Islamists.

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