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I just wanted to post a link to a video here:

Please watch the video until the end. What are your thoughts about this? Why didn't any of the people, who saw the girl, just stop and ask her, whether everything is alright or where her parents are? Of course there is a possibility that most people did just that and they simply edited out the normal reactions and left the (hopefully) few ones, who were superstitious. Especially the last reaction was not just superstitious but downright crazy.

I watched a few funny videos on youtube until I stumbled upon this one. At first I found it amusing until the end of the video, where the lady attacked the child, I assume, out of some stupid fear. This instantly wiped the grin from my face and got me thinking... . In retrospect - after I switched the rational part of my brain back on - the other reactions weren't really that funny either - not funny at all, because noone tried to find out, what is going on. Sure at the first moment I would have been scared as well, but only at the first moment. After that I would have certainly asked the girl, whether she's okay. However I wouldn't have gone near her, because she might be mentally deranged and dangerous. But I would have called the police, if she didn't respond and stayed with her. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (Cygwin)

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