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God's own country

I stumbled upon a YouTube thread which triggered me to watch: "The earth is not rotating - spinning - or moving !!". I do like stroll around YT to view some conspiracy theories now and then because they often are amusing and entertaining (don't worry, I watch serious stuff too!).

But after a while things took a different turn. Especially reading the postings in the thread. As a matter of fact after a while my hair stood on end.

The video itself already established a mere strange exhibition: the earth is not spinning, it's in a fixed space in space and all other celestial bodies circling it. But quite dazzling was the proof provided: if you put a non motorized helicopter toy on your car (the car representing the moving earth), it will hoover away in a way demonstrating that the atmosphere is not moving the same speed as the earth allegedly do or "the clouds are part of the atmosphere and watch how they move". It would to be demonstrate that an atmosphere must move with the same speed as the earth itself. So if the earth was moving 1000 miles an hour, the helicopter toy would be already 333 miles away in only one second. But it doesn't. So "Copernicanism debunked".

One should got to have a nerve to put this nonsense on YouTube without even a blink of the eye.

But the postings and discussions were the most breathtaking. I got involved too, curious to learn a thing or two. I shall try to recapitulate shortly.

Just for the sake of sound argument I posted two objections against their geocentric claims: a. how would it be possible for stars, let say Proxima Centaur, to be willing, as it's the most nearby star on 4.2 light years away, to orbit the earth in just one year? Because simple Pythagoras calculations show that this will require 16 times the speed of light; b. I showed them a sequence of photo's made by Galileo probe, moving away in a straight angle from earth on its way to Jupiter, clearly showing a spinning earth.

Now let's take the pursuit of the discussion, in sequence: 1. the guy making some evasive movement, changing to another subject; 2. I insisted to answer the question: how explain these photo's; 3. "Better we'll end our discussion here, you'll better go to some atheist forum where you may continue your ignorance" (sic!; 4. I ended up the discussion because there's nothing I dislike most then such a dishonesty; 5. some other creationist restarts the discussion by debunking the Galileo photo's (mainly stating that they were a forgery added with some rather strange, technical remarks); 6. I was arguing whether it would be smart to defy all scientific knowledge just like that and moreover, if you are accusing someone (=NASA in this case) of forgery, you're the one who bears the burden of proof; 7. some other creationist jumps (apparently the auxiliary troops were send in because they knew their surnames) stating the following (quote): "Everything science has come up with period, not just astronomy. And why is this necessary? Simple, there has been a world-wide, 500 year long conspiracy to hide real science from the masses. So this conspiracy has involved every nation on Earth, every head of state, every politician, and every scientists. Of course all the militaries, and all the so-called "astronauts" are in on lie. And why all this trouble, simple: It is necessary to hide the truth of God from the masses." 8. since I'm allergic to conspiracy plots and the like, I merely bluntly said to him: go away, don't waste my time, you act like a moron; 9. the following answer: "Moron! I'm offended. Here I give you facts, data, and scientific proof of a world-wide plan to abolish truth, and all you can do is insult me. I'll have you know that I'm not a moron, as I have two PhD degrees, and I got a B- once in Algebra II. I been teaching Bible Study for 2 years, with above average evals". I was wondering which "facts" and "data" he was providing because he didn't to slightest degree (that's why I quoted his postings literately); 10. of course the first guy jumped in back again accusing me from expelling others from joining YT forums (of course he was dumb like an ass when it happened to me but anyway I didn't expel but only saying don't waste my time.

I shall not fatigue you by commemorating discussion a. But still I wanted to summarize some of the discussions. Probably we should feel happy already that they accept the earth not as a flat body but as a sphere, although this defies bible too on several occasions.

So basically, science is a disguise, (quote) "the power of satan", a (quote) "500 years old conspiracy" to (quote) "abolish the truth" of god and the bible.

I must say, it is not oft that I encounter such dishonest people with such troubled and ignorant minds. It was a astonishing, stupendous and very unpleasant experience. But most disturbing was their utter dishonesty.

If there was still a last spark of religion in me, it has been extinguished now.

I think America has a big problem, it's is populated extensively with people with extremists and blatant lunatic ideas and troubled to observe even the most simple and bare facts, and entirely unable to set up the least sound and logical dispute while utterly, literately and entirely depending on some Bronze Age book and not accepting the slightest and tiniest things which do not totally agree with their believes.

To me it appears frightening. Don't let this people ruin science or education. They will, if they lay their hands upon it. They will make the state a theocracy, endangering democracy and individual freedom. They will throw us back to the Bronze Age, undoing centuries of progression.

I don't trust them anymore. This experience has made me suspicious.

There is an important parallel in history. In middle ages islamic culture flourished. It bloomed in almost all societal realm. Very important progression was booked with agriculture, mathematics, astronomy (the first onset of heliocentrism), medicine (the first hospital in the world which were to bare this name), first institutionalized schools, architecture and so on. The onset of scientific endeavor in 15th century Europe was almost completely founded in islamic science, as most of the Greek documents also came to Europe through islamic sources.

If we look today, nothing remains of this golden age. Educational system in arabic countries is poor, science doesn't contribute anything substantial (unlike modern upcoming countries like China, Japan, India), their economies are weak, even al Quada is almost completely depending on western technology for its warfare. Not to mention the societal backlog, like a complete lack of democracy, not acknowledging equal rights of women (the arabic countries without any exception being the worst societies for women to live in).

There are many causes to the decline of science and societal progression in islamic culture. But one factor drowns as one of the mayor and important ones: the islam itself. It changed in course of history. To the worse and keeps society in the stranglehold of intolerance, misogyny, ignorance and arrears.

This developments in islamic culture should to my opinion to be considered as a warning ign.

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