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Atheist missionaries

I was curious about whether or not there were any atheist organizations that organize mission trips to third world countries? I am not speaking of giving to charities, but active, putting oneself in a miserable position for a length of time, and putting others needs above onesself type missions. I have been trying to find organizations other than the Peace Corps. I found that the Jesuits are committed to missionary work and take a vow of poverty. Ironically this Catholic society is viewed by conspiracy theorists as an atheistic, satanic, Illuminati-type organization. Also, if there is where can I find stats that atheists out number theists? TY!

Here are a few charitable organizations that provide secular humanitarian-aid with no religious affiliation and provide aid to people throughout the world without regard to religious affiliation, race or nationality.

Doctors Without Borders Amnesty International United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Oxfam International International Women's Health Coalition

The American Red Cross

Secular organization do not seem to have a requirement that one must subscribe to a particular religion or any religion in order to receive help. Therefore, why would they call it a mission?

The atheists who help others don't have to advertise and don't call themselves "missionaries." The Socialistic practices of taking care of your people at home that are practiced in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and France are great examples. Doctors Without Borders is a great example of people going into a "squalid" condition for little monetary reward-and it is not a "mission." There is a group here in the US called Atheists Helping Homeless, as well as all of the Environmental, Animal rights, and Social Justice groups (The Innocence Project, Amnesty International, etc.) that aren't religious.

By the way, when born-again Christian George W. Bush was not adequately helping the Katrina victims, Hugo Chavez offered to supply electricity free of charge-and the christian wouldn't let him.

Actually, the objective of many of these "missions" is to keep socialism out of these countries-the Pat Robertson type of fundies will send people into a country to doll out a tiny bit of help in return for indoctrination into not only religion but also capitalism. Then we have access to their resources and their cheap labor. And you can take that to the bank.

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