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Republican Atheist

I'm an Atheist and a Republican, and it makes more sense to be that than a atheist Democrat. Hearing from both sides, I have seen how far left the Dems have gone, to the point that they would like a state-god. I don't have a god in heaven, I don't want one on earth. And yes, no one is, at least among friends, more vocal against that idiot fringe of people from the GOP than I am. I fight my own party. Some people call me Libertarian, and I might as well be, but I identify as Republican. Your thoughts. (And yes, Obama is going away).

I'm a Republican as well. Our party-bus has been hijacked by religious fundamentalists. I predict, & hope, that if they lose this election, that the party will unify against those that have come into the position of power within our party. I suggest, do anything but support them. I support Obama, because it's the best option for social issues that concern me. If ever our party returns to their old route, I'll ring the bell at every stop. Here's to hoping.

I'm a republican and atheist as well and it seems the two are compatable. I used to love this show but now it seems that you can only be liberal and watch it. The hosts are always taking subtle shots at republicans. It's like they don't think that anyone who is conservative could possibly be atheist as well. Stereotyping at its best.

Used to be a great show and I used to watch (probably have watched) most of the episodes until I started to feel like my politics were being attacked every damn show....geez

They take those shots because the religious fundamentalists have taken control through the Republican party. The religious push for religious law through our GOP. It began with Ronald and has continued through every Republican president. Although, I doubt any of the presidents sided with their philosophy, they did use them to back their exploitation of natural resources at a cost to the environment (only God can destroy the Earth). The A.E. is for the separation of church and state & for the positive promotion of atheism. The Republicans are pushing for God in politics.

Of course you are right when you say

"hey take those shots because the religious fundamentalists have taken control through the Republican party. The religious push for religious law through our GOP"

I guess I'm more of a fiscal conservative. I just ignore em when it comes to their religion stuff.

I tried to ignore it for a while too. I was hopeful the GOP would restructure and wrest control away from the fundamentalists, but they sound as though they plan to dig in their heels & double-down. It makes me wish we had 2 presidents; 1 dada (republican) to handle the money & 1 mama (democrat) to handle the social. Some areas would overlap, requiring compromise, but it may be a more stable house. It bothers me that the leadership & masses of Republicans think religion has a role to play in conservative politics. Lots of us dislike our governments' "bread & circus" political philosophy, but we like even less it implying second-class citizens (gays & women). If republicans would open our party to women, gays, minorities, & atheists while keeping conservative financial issues aloft, it would be an unstoppable party.

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