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Intellectual capacity of believers and unbelievers

A few days a go I was watching some videos on Youtube of academic theists and atheists and their opinions on a deity. What I found interesting and thought about for the next few days was the fact that on both sides of the god debate their are very intelligent people on both sides. They range from physicists to philosophers. So, I do think there is a right and wrong answer to the question of a god, but does anyone think that this sort of leaves the question open?

I don't know of any physicists who claim to have evidence for a god (other than Spinoza's "god", a synonym for the sublimeness of nature). As for philosophers, I have yet to hear an argument for the existence of a supernatural god that didn't contain a logical fallacy. We've been begging for evidence of some god on the show, but haven't heard any. Meanwhile, there are many reasons that the idea of a Christian god is just wrong. For example, read "God: The Failed Hypothesis" by Victor Stenger. For me, the case is pretty much closed.

I'm open to new evidence, but I've looked enough that there isn't much reason to believe, given what we know now.

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