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The universe did start from nothing!

"The Answer to 42" is the only book, as far as I know that explains how the universe started from nothing! Read it, and get to know it, as I am sure you will understand how this is possible. People should not be afraid to understand, that true science is the best way to understand the world around us. It takes time, and work, however the payoff is knowlage about why we are here, and how we can make this world better.

Please provide a link to the book.

There you go!

Thanks, but you seem to be promoting your own book.

Yes I am, I hope to get others to do it at some point.

I also do want to end the argument of why the Universe (or how) it can start from nothing. I have worked years on that problem, and although the book is a funny take on it, I use real science to prove how the Universe "self generates", or better yet really does start from nothing, with no cheats. It is not a God, or a God thing, as the answers just needed to be put together from plenty of information that is in many labs around the world.

sorry about that, I didn't think to do that!

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