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A True Challenge of Believers of Christ

First off I want to say that I am a Christian. And what I am about to say is not in support of Christianity nor is it in support of athiesm. All it is about is a aspect of the world. My whole thing is I have watched episodes of this show, and read some of the forum and I will say this, being a Christian, I am also a skeptic at some of these "Religious" claims for why Christ exists. So instead of explaining why Christ exists. Why don't we start with a simple question, "What do you believe?" Because everyone needs to be on the same page right? It's only the logical point. Our 2 main groups are Atheists in its broad spectrum, and Christians in its broad spectrum. Well the truth of the matter is I have read and read and read and all I can find is Biblical evidence, but nothing that matters to the Atheists. Because, if you hand me a book over Lord of the Rings, and I don't see the movie. It means jack squat. Because I didn't read it. So the book we read, is something that needs to be interpreted from our point of view, not assumed for them to understand. The difference between us and them is we see something that they dont. And for you Athiests out there, no its not something we just give into. But its legit for me! So this is the statement im leaving with.... Christians, don't try to Bibletize Athiests, we need good, logical thinking on this... Such as "If we were created from the previous generation, and the generation for that was created from the generation before them. Then why is it that since something evolves over time, that we are still the same as our generation 100 years ago. The technology changes, however we still make the same generalized mistakes." Or another one is "How is it that we are the only intelligent beings to have evolved to this capacity over millions and billions of years?" And here's one for the Christians to really think about "Could the Theory of Pangea be correct?"

And a majority of atheists know the Bible better than the majority of Christians. Have you ever read the golden hemorrhoid story in the Bible? That's a good one.

"Then why is it that since something evolves over time, that we are still the same as our generation 100 years ago." We're not. You can take a look at heights and life expectancies and know we're living in different times. As for our genes, they are still evolving. From what I understand some of the brain genes are still undergoing relatively rapid change.

"How is it that we are the only intelligent beings to have evolved to this capacity over millions and billions of years?" That's a great question. A short answer would be that that's a "niche" we've exploited to our success. You could equally as well ask, why is the cheetah so much faster than the other animals? All animals have adapted to their environment.

Generally, when there is an exaggerated characteristic in nature, it's the result of a kind of arms race. The speed of the cheetah fits in this category. The cheetah and its prey (say, impalas), metaphorically trying to outrun each-other. Only the fastest of each generation survive. Over time, they both get faster.

The current thinking is that human brains have been the subject of an arms race of sorts within our own species. People with a mastery of language and culture do better than those who don't. Humans are in competition with each-other and the successful ones have more children and carry on their traits into the next generation. For humans, language, culture, and reasoning are the real measures of success.

I'll pass on the Pangea question. We atheists have trouble taking that one seriously.

I find it quite funny that according to you there are only 2 groups, being atheist and christians. Just forget about the billion budists in china, the billion hindus in india and the billion muslims around the world. i kinda sounds like your supporting a creationist idea. So lets just say we were created by a higher being, why wouldnt it be shiva, or budah or allah, or zeus, or any other deity? It doesnt not make sense that if you believe we are created, therefore we must be created by the god you believe in. I am pretty sure you dont think that christians are muslims. Therefore if christianity is right, then islam must be wrong. But everything you say about the bible, a muslim will say about the koran. So how can you prove to a muslim that christianity is right?

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