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What can I do against people that do cold-reading?

Hello everybody, Allow me to introduce myself because this is the first time I'm posting here. My name is Jasper Huij, I'm a 23 year old student from the Netherlands and an atheist. I'm a big fan of both the Atheist Experience show and the Non-Prophets podcast. The reason that I'm posting here is because of Derek Ogilvie, a "psychic" that can read the mind of small children and is also able to talk to the dead. I'm sure if you type in his name into youtube you will be able to find a bunch of clips of him doing his tricks. There is even a clip of him taking on the million dollar challenge of James Randi and failing (obviously). I realize that this is not necessarily an atheist issue but seeing as how you talked about people that do cold-reading before on the podcast and the show I thought I might as well try and ask. He is not the only person that does this in the Netherlands, I could probably make a list of people, but he is the most popular one I think. I understand why he is on TV, because of ratings and everything, but how can I show to people that this man is a fraud and does not deserve the time and money people give him? Do I need to get in contact with the JREF? Would they know? I've always wanted to do something against people like him because I can't stand that people are being deceived so easily. And I always kind of hoped Someone else would do it for me, an organization in the Netherlands that does these things. But apparently there isn't one. I'm only a student without any financial means to get something started. The only group I've been able to find is an "anti-Derek Ogilvie" facebook page. My question is what can I do? Or even better, where do I start? Thanks in advance, Looking forward to your replies, Jasper

How about creating a youtube account there you *objectively* argue against his shows and videos. Each time this guy makes a new show or video you post a counter-video on youtube. Furthermore create accounts on facebook, google+, twitter, deviantART and so on and try to link these accounts to your youtube account. On these accounts you could post articles and caricatures about the show this guy produces. You could post the caricatures on deviantART. However please keep in mind that your caricatures, articles and videos should all be as objective as possible! They shouldn't insult the guy, you're talking about. Otherwise you could "shoot yourself in the leg" and become a victim of Derek's fans and maybe even the authorities. I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know, what could happen, if you are careless with your presentations and insult him or something like that. Keep everything as "friendly" as possible.

Have you ever seen Derren Brown? I'd youtube him. He is a magician here in the UK who has perfected the art of cold reading, and has filmed a couple of shows in which he cold reads like a pro to an unsuspecting audience, and then lets the audience know that they have been duped. He also has a book 'Tricks of the mind' which talks about cold reading/nonsensical new age remedies/superstitions....worth a look!

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