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Congratulations on your occult status

I pulled into my local high school parking lot to access their wifi recently, checked my email. Had a few minutes to kill so I thought I'd check your boards. They were blocked by the schools filter saying your site was an occult site. Stunned, I checked some other sites. Iron chariots is blocked as advertising. Satanism is blocked, occult again. Christianity, just fine. Had full access. I was surprised til I remembered our local library has 5 shelves of religious books and One copy of Darwin's origin of species. I feel like we're under represented.

And here i thought we we're the opposite of the occult

A brief update. Our school uses the forti-guard web filter. And apparently it's not just this school, its a lot of schools. While I can access talk origins, most atheist web sites are blocked, for one thing or another.

Is this in violation of some laws, allowing access to Christianity while blocking atheist sites? Is there anything we can do about it? I'm sure you feel concern about the obvious censorship and indoctrination issues

Are you willing to potentially out yourself as an atheist? If you are, you might consider the following steps: 1) find out who manages the filter and ask them why they have it so configured. It's possible it's a simple mistake, or they haven't changed the settings that came from the manufacturer. 2) If it's intentionally set that way, document that claim and send a nice letter laden with facts and few opinions to the principal of the school with information about the issue. You can mention that separation of church and state is the law of the land and you feel this is an example of religious favoritism. Try to do as much of this in writing so that you have a paper trail. Get the school to respond in writing, etc. 3) If they don't budge, then you need to ask whether it's worth the fight. If so, contact your local ACLU or one of the national atheist groups such as American Atheists or Freedom from Religion Foundation. They can advise you what to do then.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

Well, I contacted forti-guard and asked them to reclassify iron chariots and the A.C.A. site. They reclassified iron chariots as religion (?), I can access it. Your site is still considered an occult site, you heathens. Oddly, the American atheist page is accessible.

The site also said that the web access is ultimately decided by the client, in this case the web master for the school. Guess I'll have to contact them, should be interesting.

Small victory I guess, but at least iron chariots is viewable.

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