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Does the complex nature of DNA actually prove there is a God because a pastor claims scientists.are disgarding Darwin's theory. However the only person that I know who believes this is Anthony Flew.

Pretty sure Antony Flew doesn't believe anything anymore, since he died last year. Even before his death, he was suffering from some form of dementia and had difficulty explaining what the believed and why to interviewers. In his final years, he had been manipulated by a small group of evangelical Christians, who basically lied to him about the evidence supporting evolution. Even with all that, his supposed "conversion" to theism amounted to deism, not full-blown Christianity.

As for the pastor's claim that scientists are discarding the Theory of Evolution - that's a pretty common lie. They've told it for so many years, I'm wondering if they're trying to convince us or themselves that it's really true.

I think they're trying to do both. Apologists always mention the eye in every single of their arguments against evolution citing Darwin statements but they only state that Darwin couldn't believe that the eye could have evolved but they neglect the rest of his argument where he shows the arguments how the eye did evolve. Apologists and Pastors are into fabricating or providing half truths to fool the gullible people who won't investigate their claims.

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