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Is Psychotronic harrasment real?

It seems my father is hearing constant voices in his head, and talks back at them, he also lost his mobile phone which is turned off currently.

Today they told him to come down to the red car, so they would be able to kill him. I came down shortly after him and watched from a far, nobody came. They are telling him all sorts of stuff, or the other time he just hears some songs or hears a repeat of what i say to him. One time, he woke me up and claimed two men was at our apartment recently and smoked cigarettes in the kitchen. He also claimed that he can smell the smoke. However, me or my mother never noticed, heard or smelled anything of sorts. Ever...

He thinks he is being watched, harassed or experimented on. This web-site seems to indicate this stuff being true

However, I myself am more suspicious of him being mentally ill due to him having exactly same symptoms defined in many medical records. Moreover, he always lived very hard and stressful life, and heavily abused alcohol for years almost on daily basis.

How do I deal with these situation? Shall I believe him about stalking? Or is this Schizophrenia after all? What if he was to see a psychiatrist? Though he refuses too...

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