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Proof of Prayer

I understand atheists do not believe in the Supernatural. I believe that NOT NATURAL is SUPERNATURAL For instance: If I was to put an atheists on the moon (with oxygen) and ask them to phone me on the other side of the moon - but you do not have a phone - well you'll say we can't! Or perhaps I ask you to fly to me on the otherside of the moon - but you don't have a plane - well you'll say we can't! Thus phoning and flying is NOT NATURAL to humans, jet a plane and a phone is natural. So lets step back 150 years. I christian walks up to an atheist and say - you can talk to someone that's not with you and see him too and he knows all about you. What you think the atheist said? mmm something like - you're crazy, it's not possible, it's NOT NATURAL and since we do not believe in THE NOT NATURAL or SUPER NATURAL- well, you're just plain crazy. Or are atheists crazy. So what we might see as super natural, technology is slowly proofing to be quite natural. Now let's take Jesus walking on water. Natural - no And I can hear a million atheists cry - how do you know He even did it? proof it? well, remember phoning to be impossible! Ok so although its seems impossible now and super natural and are therefore dismissed by you, does not mean in 100years perhaps we can do it, like phones, with the aid of something. Will walking on water still be NOT NATURAL - you bet ya! Will that technology be NOT NATURAL - no! So, aitheists are like litle spiders that spin their own little web, and to keep up with time, need to adjust that little web. I guess in a million years atheists might believe so much more different that today - perhaps even in God. Now for the punch line - YOU DON'T HAVE A MILLION YEARS.

If God created everything; He should know lightening and thunder are natural occurrences not His wrath, but natural occurrences were caused by the wrath of God according to the Bible. According to the Bible God thinks that people know things in their heart instead of their brain. God (like ancient primitive people) didn't know what the brain was for. Illnesses like leprosy were caused by the wrath of God or the Devil according to the Bible.

Joshua (10:12-13) asked the Lord to make the sun stand still and the sun and the moon stood still. Primitive people didn't know that the Earth revolves around the sun. Why wouldn't God know how the solar system works if He created it. The Bible says concerning the flood that the windows of heaven were opened when it rained and the windows were closed when it stopped. None of this has anything to do with the supernatural, a superior technology or understanding. This is all about ignorance. These are things that an almighty, all-powerful and all knowing God should know scientifically and He should have explained.

Jesus supposedly performed "miracles" otherwise it would be trickery. The events after the crucifixion (like dead people raising from their graves and walking around) were not supposed to be done by technology they were supernatural events. If these events were not miraculous and supernatural He wouldn't be a miracle working Jesus. However, miracles or not the historians living at the same time and in the same place never recorded these amazing events. They can only be found in the Gospels. There are all kinds of proof of other historical figures that lived one hundred years before Jesus. The Gospels are the only proof of the existence of Jesus. The Gospels are not eyewitness accounts. There are no originals and the authors are unknown.

I think mankind has made enough progress to know the difference in natural occurrences and even very advanced technology. The supernatural does not provide an explanation of an event; it's the lack of any explanation. We study things that we don't understand to find the explanation, and we look for real answers. We don't insert "supernatural" for things we don't understand. If we did we would never have learned anything about the real world or how it works. We would still be like the primitive men who wrote the Bible. When they didn't understand something they said, "god did it." There have not been any repeated events that would confirm the supernatural under test conditions. Supernatural experiences, religious experiences, spiritual experiences or supernatural beings are all without proof. Those that believe just believe because there is no proof. Some people won't figure it out if they had a million years.


Assuming you are right, for the sake of argument, and a man named Jesus walked on water centuries ago, and in the distant future one day every human will be able to walk on water, how does that prove Jesus was the son of god and not some kind of, I don't know, alien with advanced "supernatural" technologies?

More importantly, a hundred years from now if humans can then walk on water could you prove that Jesus was a god and not just an alien without using your bible or your faith?

(By the way, I don't think Jesus was an alien....actually I am not sure he even existed.)

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