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Sending a kid to sunday school .. what to say?

I've been mulling this over for some time now and could do with some advice and input from fellow atheists.

A friend will be staying over for a few days and I feel compelled to say something about her decision to send her child to Sunday school.

We previously touched on the topic and she provided a few reasons for wanting to send the kid to Sunday school.. 1) She doesn't attend church herself but did so as a child. Today she does not go to church but does believe in the supernatural (specifically angels and guiding spirits) and wants her child to become aware of the supernatural world, she views this awareness as a gift. She does note care a hoot about proof and facts .. just belief.

2) They live in a village that has a strong church ethic and feels the child would be excluded from general village life if he was not part of the church.

3) I strongly suspect there's pressure from the in-laws & the boys father .. but she's more than proven she can stand up to them if she thinks she's right, so I'm not worried about this aspect to much.

She's not happy that I've recently become an atheist (this after being appointed god-father to the child) .

Appreciate your thoughts on what to say .. I really don't want any kid, especially this one, saddled with a christian slave mentality and guilt, hobbled in freedom of thought and taught to fore-go critical thinking.

Thanks Ets

My advice is stay out of the whole thing because any attempt will lead to hostility.

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