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Who Does Old Testament Law Apply To?

While doing research into OT law prohibiting the grooming of beards, I ran across an argument basically stating that OT law does not apply to modern Christians as Paul was of the opinion that the laws were directed towards Jewish Christians as opposed to Gentile Christians, a distinction I find at odds to the Christian belief that the Christian God is the God of everyone, regardless of ethnicity.

Does anyone have some insight they might want to share concerning this oddity?

If you do not keep the Law you are not a Jew. Christians and Pagans were Gentiles.

Unlike Jewish scholars who knew the teachings of the Law, Gentiles had practically no understanding of Jewish law. The Old Testament Scriptures were translations of Hebrew texts. Many of these translations are either wrong because of ignorance or design. No Jew reads the Old Testament.

The Apostle Paul introduced "saving grace" to replace Jewish Law and merge Judaism and Christianity. The Old Testament is only an attempt to merge the new religion with Judaism because Jews do not regard the concoction as anything Jewish. It was just much easier for the non-scholars and slaves to understand. In the 2nd century the Roman Empire was practically hysterical that the salves would convert to Judaism since the Jews opposed slavery and were at war with the Romans.

The Roman Emperor Galleries and Constantine shared the position of Emperor at the same time. At that time Galleries had declared all religions should be tolerated. After Galleries died Constantine ruled the Roman Empire alone. The Roman Emperor Constantine convened a council of Christian bishops the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD in Turkey. Constantine paid for the printing of the new religion bibles (all other books were burned) and he used the state to support and authorize the Christian religion and Churches with government funds. Those who denied the deity of Jesus Christ were labeled heretics and many were tortured or murdered.

The Jewish Law was never followed at all by the Gentiles and never has been. Most amazing is the level of brainwashing is so severe that Christians in general are not even aware of that fact. The Apostle Paul was in charge of eliminating anything Jewish from the new religion. This is very obvious in his writings on grace in the New Testament and anything written by fellow converts. This was very true of the grace alone commandments exalted (given authority) by Jesus and his follower. The outcome was the church virtually ignored the Law, and the Hebrew Prophets, Paul's writings and teachings were centered on grace, and so were all the Apostles and the suppositional Jesus himself. That is why an imaginary Jesus was coined and promoted as much more important than James, who was the head of the Church of Jerusalem, and who never supported Paul.

The God of Judaism was an entirely different God from the (three in one God) of the Christian gospel trinity Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christianity and Judaism disagree about God and the Adam and Eve fall from grace. Jews did not need a savior (according to their beliefs) they are the chosen people. They do not believe in a savior God or "messiah." The word messiah was a misinterpreted word that originally meant an anointed one (a king) who would rule; it was never a God who would be crucified on a Roman Cross. All of this nonsense ran contrary to the Hebrew Scriptures. In Hebrew Scripture there is oneness. One God (not three) Yahweh one Sheol where everyone goes when they die, and all creation is good. Each human being is wonderfully made as one cohesive unit.

The Messiah is a human being, raised up from the people, chosen by God and anointed to serve the Jewish cause. Christians kept parts of Judaism and Paganism at Nicaea in 325 CE, and the Savior became God under the Trinity. The Savior is God, not a god and the Jewish God is not the same God.

New Testament and Jesus Christ made the Law obsolete. The "official story" was that Jesus had come to free man from the Law. The Christians are no longer under the Law but under grace alone and this is Paul's theology. Paul replaced the God of Judaism with his vision of Jesus and the "New Testament God." This is how the Romans through Paul gave Christianity the moral authority over the Jewish Scripture and the Law.

The Roman Church replaced the Jewish synagogue and grace replaced the Law. They made Pagan holidays into Holy Days, and the Christian Church would now receive all that had been promised to the Jews. There was never any intention of uniting Judaism and Christianity. The idea was to replace Judaism with Christianity.

So, you're right: the Jews' God was not the same God. OT Law was never meant for Gentiles or Christians. Christians viewed tithing as purely law, which they specifically ordered Gentile Christians not to obey, but Christians do tithe and claim that after the death of Jesus all other Laws no longer needed to be kept; just the tithing. Tithing is a legalistic part of the Temple worship of the old Mosaic Law.

Beware of newfangled ideas- they are of the devil.

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