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Anti-religious propaganda

I would like to hear from Linda, Don, and Matt in particular, but all responses and opinions are welcome.

I am strongly against anybody forcing their ideology on others under any circumstance. I don't care if it is door knockers, people loitering outside a grocery store, or annoying web ads, but realistically the religious rhetoric will never cease.

I read an article a bit back that there are more people that claim atheism than ever before (I believe they estimated around 8-10% of the U.S. population)

So my question more or less is: Is it any more acceptable for atheists to start mass media propaganda campaigns supporting our belief (or lack of belief)?

I will never try to "win" or convince someone over to my side, I simply just don't care enough. But if we stand by and do nothing, will any headway be made? Or is the old expression two wrongs don't make a right hold here....

I assume some people have tooted their horns in the public sector, as I also assume that there are atheists who have marketed and sold out for money, power, influence or all of the above.

Is it naive to hope for a future society of more objectivity and less religion?

I mean are we just to stand by passively and get trampled by the oncoming masses and their redundant messages?

Do you see the atheist movement gaining steam? The accessibility of information and websites like this are wonderful, but lack a collective voice while atheists are still generally condemned.

I know this sounds elitist, but I look at the atheist movement as progress for society.

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