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I grew up in a family that gradually converted from a liberal Lutherana in the 1970's into flaming evangelical fundamentalists today... As the only atheist in my huge extended family I have borne witness to virtually every idiotic exhibition of their beliefs ranging from speaking in tongues to casting out demons to railing against evolution... They are also all far-right republicans who voted for Pat Robertson and worship George Bush Jr... My parents had a photograph of George and Laura ABOVE a picture of Jesus in the guest bedroom and still have a photo of them on the refrigerator... They have melded their politics and religion so strongly that they are now indistiguishable... They recite sayings by Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilley and Beck as if they are prophets of God... I have heard every rediculous apologetic argument ranging from the "NASA proof of the missing day", to the shroud of turin to Noah's flood waters soaking into the ground to the young earth nonesense... They ignorantly argue against evolution, global warming, church/state separation, and science in general... They hate Obama with a passion I have not seen since their hatred of Clinton... My family tree includes 200+ IQ geniuses working for the government and other high level and top-secret projects around the country as well as multi-millionaire farmers... Yet they are ALL christian fundamentalists to one degree or another... Most of the youngsters in the family are home-schooled and sent to religious high schools and colleges... I am worried about all of them and what they and their kind are doing to our nations future... I have been besieged by them in many ways for some 30 years as they try to convert me to their beliefs... I want to combat this by writing a book...

I want to write a book that exposes the arrogance, foolishness, hypocricy, and danger that their beliefs are leading to in thieir own lives as well as the lives of their children that they are indoctrinating... I am compiling information ranging from bible contradictions and hereseys to the immorality of the bible to debunking miracles and the founding of usa on religion and more... I plan to expose the evil nature of the christian god and the immorality of the bible... I hope to write a tour-de-force book written in simple language debunking the entirety of christianity before it sabotages our nation with it's violent militias and devolves our shools into faith factories... I am primarily using the internet at this point to gather the basic outline of this project... I have been to numerous christian and atheist sites as well as having viewed a large number of youtube videos ranging from Dennis McKinsey to Bart Ehrman to the Atheist Experience as well as many christian videos which I can barely stomach to watch...

I would like to find more information regarding the religious atrocities commited during usa colonial times... I also want more details on the blue laws that were in place at that time as well as more recent ones.. I am also hoping to discover the strongest possible arguments against the major miracles of the bible, shroud of turn, creationism, etc... I want to write a book so powerfully irrefutable that even my own family of fundamentilists must aknowledge it's accuracy and irrefutibility...

I would greatly appreciate any collaboration, advice or information sources that will aid me on this monumental journey I am undertaking...

Thank you for your help...!!!


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