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Finding an athiest date?

It seems to me that there is no good advice on finding an athiest date. Most would agree to not bring up religion and politics on a first date. Being atheist though and living in a religiously dominate world puts me in a sea of nowhere. Am I to live in the don't ask don't tell world or be close minded and look only for the few who might be like myself? Is it really being close minded as well? How do you search? I don't really see how I could truly live with a religious or agnostic person, it is so defeating to the person I am. I am really not the person who wants to preach the atheist gospel either. I just want to be human with out the religious wall. When I think about those who say they want their children to know both sides, religious and atheist, I ask myself do I really want my kid to be open to either, No! I don't have a kid but if I did I feel that if I let religion be an option it would be like saying to my kid you have an option of driving on the road or on the sidewalk, its your choice. Would any parent in their right mind give their kid that option? Be serious. So if I am to find a mate and have the possibility of creating another human being how do I find that person in this religious world. Is it like finding the cure for cancer? So far I think it is. If you have any wise advice and would like to share in knowing the atheist grapevine please do. I am sure others may have this same question.

I'm in a similar boat, but I understand there are options out there.

One, there are public meetings in and around Austin where like-minded people congregate. I haven't been to any of them yet, but I plan to put it on my to do list.

Two, online dating makes this a lot easier, too. You can clearly let it be known that you are atheist and there are usually fields that specifically ask for religious preference, with Atheist and/or agnostic as options a lot of the time.

Good luck finding your partner. I'm still keeping an eye out for the right rational girl for me.

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