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Ring of power (documentary)

What are you critical thoughts on the documentary ring of power? Would you kindly share them? or

I haven't come across any clear discussion of this before.


It's rubbish. I wouldn't worry about it. I know I shouldn't utterly discount anything that promotes conspiracy nonsense just because it promotes conspiracy nonsense, but I'm making an exception on this one.

You don't have to watch their videos because you can get a good sense of it from this page:

New World Order Conspiracy? Check!

World Banking Conspiracy? Check!

Someone wants to take your guns away? Check!

Freemason urban myths? Check!

History that no one but them knows? Check!

Secrets only they can tell you? Check!

We've heard all of that nonsense before. You might watch it just for entertainment and shock value but overall I wouldn't take anything in it seriously.

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