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God exist

if God does not exist, how could you? is there are proof that creation of God failed? or is there a proof that theory of evolution has a facts of God creation doesn't true?


Look under your shirt. You have a bellybutton. This is an artifact of your birth. Your parents created you and their parents created them. All plants and animals were created from earlier ones. Over very long periods of time (that are too large for people to comprehend), more complex animals evolved from simpler ones. Evolution explains the diversity and complexity of life on this planet.

I don't understand your last question, but no believer has provided evidence that their god created anything. Without evidence, such a claim is just an unsupported assumption that is of no help in understanding the world. If believers would like to make claims about their god, they have the burden of proof to support those claims. "That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."

But with regard to human origins, we have a great deal of evidence that it occurred through natural (not supernatural) means. If you're interested in learning more, you might check out the book, "The Greatest Show on Earth" by Richard Dawkins. Also is a great web site that explores "origins" questions.

Don, my hat is off to you. I'd never have shown the respect and self-restraint that you showed in your measured response to the original [incomprehensible] post.

I would've gotten too focused on the terrible grammar.

"if God does not exist, how could you? "

You're making a tremendous amount of assumptions in this first question. Is there any evidence that our existence is dependent upon that of some sort of god? I did not receive that memo. Clearly I exist and of that I am as sure as I can be of anything. I see and feel physical evidence of my presence. I do not know of any direct input that any sort of god had in creating me or any of my ancestors all the way back through the very first single celled organisms and before. If you have evidence of such, present it. We should argue from established facts, not unsubstantiated assertions.

"is there are proof that creation of God failed? "

What does this even mean? Do you mean proof that the effort to create a god failed or that the effort of a god to create creation failed? Ideas must be distinct before logic can act upon them (Jefferson).

"or is there a proof that theory of evolution has a facts of God creation doesn't true?"

Again, your statements must be comprehensible and coherent before we can engage in any sort of debate. I know what those words mean, just not in that order (Simpson).

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