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Arthur Clarke - Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity

Has anyone heard of fractals? Or... well, I mean... the video called, "Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity" by Arthur Clarke ?

I came across an interesting video/documentary about fractals. It explains how some of the most complicated things in Life can EASILY come from what is known as, fractals. It touches on the subject of fractals as possibly being the insight needed to explain some of the unexplainable creations we find in the world, leaning toward evolution, and hinting at fractals as being a new revelation into being a good reason why NOT to believe in a supernatural creator.

These fractal discoveries are relatively new. I found the video to be enlightening and very interesting. I can not possibly offer a position on what it might mean to anyone else. That is up to those of you who are more scholarly that I am.

If you do watch the video, it would be great if someone would start a new thread here on the subject with regard to evolution -vs- creationism, or whatever category fractals might fall under. I seems to me that this discovery offers profound new information as "evidence" of some sort, although I do not know how it fits into any kind of debate pro or con of Atheism or Christianity.

It is not up to me to debate it. I am not a scholarly debater. I won't even pretend to be one.

Still, it isn't difficult to recognize that this video on fractals offers something of meaning.

Here is the link for the video.

Enjoy! I sure did!

This video on Fractals is even much better than the one listed in my pervious post. It is way more thurough.

We have had a discussion on fractals (the Mendelbrot set) on this message board.

Fractals have been known about since the 1800's, but they didn't have computers. I know that home computers can do the math precise enough to make color pictures of fractals. Benoit Mendelbrot developed the classic fractal image while working for IBM in the 70's. A computer calculating a simple equation over and over can generate fractals.

Fractals have fractional dimensions. Time has dimensions - time exists inside the Universe - time existed inside the Universe only after the Universe expanded from the singularity. There was no time before time. Time has a finite beginning. Most objects in nature have fractal shapes that can be defined using mathematics. A repeated process - doing the same thing again and again generates fractals. You can see countless variations of the same pattern. This could be done until humanity became extinct - there are infinite numbers of sequences. This wouldn't prove a thing about a designer, an infinite Universe, or that god always existed. It's the same equation over and over. The only thing that fractals prove is (the results can be translated into a geometric shape) and then there is a mathematical object that exists - not an imaginary object that exists.

The closer you look at a fractal, the more you see exactly the same object over and over. This has about as much to do with finding a designer as calling a baked potato god. God is an abstract concept that cannot be proven, that's why you have "faith in God". People who want to see "God" in everything usually find him.

The Intelligent Design advocates (creationist's) using what scientists or mathematicians have found, as evidence of their designer "theory" is bizarre. If Intelligent Design (creationism) is science why haven't they produced falsifyable evidence of design or a designer. There is no scientific or mathematical theoretical proposition that proves Intelligent Design theory?

Fractals are a natural occurring phenomenon. They are a mathematical concept, not a potential interactive force in the universe. They are the products of a mathematical equation, fractals, are not proof of an intelligent designer.

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