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Transformers 2: Holy Wars?

I recently watched Transformers 2 and apart from being disappointed with the movie in general, I was left wondering whether anyone else at the theatre noticed the overt Christian theme of the movie, particularly towards the end. Did anyone else, who has seen the movie, notice the parallels or was it just me?

I saw it last week and it was pretty miserable even without the religious themes. If you have been thinking about seeing it, don't. The movie had no redeeming value whatsoever. If you want the Transformers 2 experience, go rent the first movie, watch the battle scenes in a loop for about 3 hours, and punch yourself in the face. It will probably still be more entertaining and pleasurable than the sequel.

*Spoiler alert*

At the end, besides being bored after watching the previous hour of nondescript robots beating each other up and big explosions, I was pissed off at the main character's solution. He grabs that magic trinket, which turns to dust, and then says that he knows it will still work "Because I believe it will." Barf. Reality doesn't care what you believe. It's reality! Then he goes on to "die" and go see the robot gods who bring him and the trinket back to life so that he can save Optimus. The whole movie sucked, but this made it worse.

One part of the movie I did enjoy was the soldier's comment that "If God made us in His image, who made them?" I had a good chuckle at this one, since the answer is quite obvious. I wrote a little bit about this on my new blog.

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