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Big, scary qu'rans

This was mentioned on the the local Fox news broadcast in Houston. I'm sure the hypocricy won't be lost on anyone with Christian religious mottoes on their money.

Excerpted from

An English translation of the Quran began appearing two weeks ago on the doorsteps of hundred of homes in the BraesTimbers neighborhood. The books came in plastic bags with a note attached from the Book of Signs Foundation asking recipients to accept the Quran as a gift from the Muslim community.

But some residents, like Greg and Sue Ann Pieri, said they feared the group is imposing its beliefs on non-Muslims and found the gesture offensive. [End excerpt]

Isn't it interesting that theists like to give (rather than sale) their books ("Quran," The Book of Mormon, The Holy Bible) away. I guess that gives an indication of their worth (to both the donors and recipients).


I wonder how the US government can accept Scientology as a religion. After all, they would never plant their scriptures somewhere for everyone to read for free.

They are just a scam selling chapter by chapter, along the way brainwashing the consumers to become mere gear-wheel in the Scientology money making machine. A cancer.

This South Park episode (Flash and Javascript required) nailed it nicely: "Trapped in the Closet"

Pastafarianism, which is kinda just an everyday life South Park episode showing what religion is basically about wouldn't be necessary if people would have gotten the effective message that Scientology conveys: Religion sucks you dry and turns you into a drone. So, I wonder when people will actually start mistaking Pastafarianism for a real religion and start moaning "Oh, my noodly appendage!" when cumming.

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