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Atheist Eve

I think the comic is great and funny, but honestly, I cringe a little looking at the way the characters are drawn. They're just so blocky and repetitive. Its very witty though.

I'm glad you like the gags. Sorry about the illustration. I'm not an illustrator, so I'll take that one on the chin. Personally, they remind me of the Timber Toes.

I think you're on crack.

While it may seem that the inspiration for my cartoons comes from crack, most of the ideas for Atheist Eve actually come from Christian arguments I have heard from Christians or that can be found posted on the WWW at Christian apologetic sites. Additionally, some of the Christian arguments in the strips were actually taught to me as apologetics during the time I was a Christian--a member of the Church of Christ.

Hmm, but you are definitely on crack my dear...

To be honest, I've never tried crack. But since you are hinting you know something about its effects, now I'm wondering if I'd create the same style of comix on it as off...?

I have taken it once. Didn't like it. It did, however, inspire me to draw crappy cartoon strips that say nothing and mean nothing (much like yours, oddly enough...). If you're not on crack, my dear, you are certainly on something nasty...

While I don't expect everyone to agree with or even like the strips, I never thought of their "meaning" as being particularly difficult to understand. But to better explain, they just boil down the (generally ridiculously funny) fallacies used most often in modern Xian apologetics.

Most people who have encountered these arguments firsthand find the representations in Eve not only accurate but just as funny as when they debate Xians in real life (based on feedback I see on forums and reviews of Eve I've read online, as well as from requests for reprint I get now and then). I don't know if you've ever tried to reason with a Xian about their beliefs; if not, then I can understand how the strips might leave you scratching your head (or even doubting that a reasoning adult Xian would even attempt to put forward such unreasonable arguments).

If you're actually interested in understanding what they "say" and "mean" and what people find humorous about them, I recommend checking the reviews at The reviewers there seem to grasp the point of the strips, and might be better suited to explain it from a reader's perspective (since most of them seem to have encountered these arguments themselves).

Hope this helps!

Isn't that a post of someone taking themselves WAY too seriously?!

Maybe you should go to the coast, get stoned and find someone who can help you with your ego problem.

You noted you didn't see a meaning in the strips. I replied to explain what they are about and gave you some pointers on where you could find further info by other readers who meaning as well--in case you're interested (which I considered you might be, since you keep dropping by the Eve forum). If you're not interested, that's OK. And if you don't find humor or meaning in the strips, that's OK, too. Just my way of trying to help a reader out.

Thanks for posting!

I neglected to also mention that your last post was off-topic. This forum addresses the comic strip, Atheist Eve. If you have intelligent commentary or a substantive criticism about the strip, you're welcome to offer it here. But the ACA has been good enough to offer this space on their site for dialogue about the strip, and I appreciate their support very much.

Additionally, this site space is not available for either spamming or trolling. Refrain from future posts unless you are able to offer on-topic, intelligent or substantive commentary. Trolling will be deleted.

So far the only substance you've offered in several posts is that you can't discern meaning in the comics. I have answered every post, substantive or not, in a respectful manner, and your most recent reply was trolling (verbal poo-slinging without substantive, on-topic content). Trolling is not tolerated on this forum.

Thanks in advance for keeping the dialogue substantive and on-topic.


Drop dead. You'll make the world a better place. The fantastic thing about the internet is that there are millions, if not billions of "Christian" sites you can visit that won't 'offend' you or contradict your beliefs.

While this is in a dead thread, and extremely late, I just had to say that.

That’s interesting. I did a search in this strand to see if I had used the word “offend” anywhere. It appeared only once—where you used it above. I have not said that religious ideology offends me, and that is because it doesn’t offend me. I find it funny, not offensive—that’s why I do the strip—to highlight the humor.

I can’t speak for Don’s content in the strip. But I don’t think that any of my strips have indicated that even the little character, Eve, has been “offended” by Xian ideology. Confused? Amused? Surely. But not offended. You did indicate earlier that you have trouble discerning the meaning of the strips—so it is highly possible that you are misinterpreting something here.

Also, I don’t mind if people “contradict” my “beliefs.” Although I’m not sure what you mean by that? Atheists lack belief in god—so there’s not any “belief” at work in atheism (nor in the strip). But with regard to the any beliefs promoted in Eve (again, I cannot speak for Don’s content), there really are none. The strip simply finds humor in unreasonable/illogical argumentation. It’s not about Eve’s “beliefs”—which she never even expresses. It’s about her observations on what other people are expressing and in what ways their claims are illogical, self-contradictory, or hypocritical. The strip merely points out the flawed logic in popular arguments presented by Xian apologists.

Again, you’re welcome to post. But please try not to use content-void comments such as “drop dead”—they really are counter to the environment here at the ACA forums. They don’t bother me personally—but other users may feel that abusive commentary is not something that should be tolerated at the forum, and I really have no desire to have your comments censored. I also appreciate the fact that you did get back to posting some actual content regarding the strip. Thanks for that.

I must say that I have just been introduced to your comic strip today and that I do see the humor in it as well as the underlying thoughts and concepts within it. I think that they are insightful and definitely intelligent, and of course, quite humorous. Keep writing, Tracie. I look forward to more.

Thanks! I always appreciate it when someone writes to say they relate to the strip!

Just started reading, and I blew through the archive in no time. Now I'm impatient for new ones.

I now wish I lived in Austin, so I could hang with all the cool atheists.

Thanks Ty! Glad you like them.

Easter is the celebration of the return of zombie Jesus and his army of chocolate rabbits. I think it's beautiful.

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