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Atheist Experience
Waiting for #765 to 'video'

Your archive still doesn't show 'video' of the latest #765 episode. Archive:

I read your FAQ: And it says it can be up to a week, and I should be patient!

But your actual Home Page has episode #764 also, why is that? Why can't you just upload the latest video to your server immediately and then to your home page? I have this uncanny feeling that it obviously already exists on your server(s) but your tech department just hasn't linked it yet.

Isn't it possible just to make link to it on your home page straight away? I don't exactly know why it isn't, even after reading your FAQ. I note that the link seems to be coming directly from, why exactly are 'they' waiting. Are you providing them the correct format yourselves? It may allow blip to link it more quickly. Is anyone communicating with 'blip', just ring them up and ask what the holdup is; maybe they want you to do something first before supplying them the video, if so do it.

Also, the #764 video picture on your home page has 'Atheist Experience Crew' and all the presenters names on it. It gives viewers the feeling that the video is just about meeting the crew (ironically). But its actually last weeks show. Can you make this look a bit clearer. I think just remove this 'crew' banner, maybe just replace it with the date.

ok I've let it all out. I'll just wait (patiently) now! HURRY UP blip (woops sorry, quick outburst, I'm fine how are you?)

I process the videos.

Usually, there's a DVD made in the studio at the time of the airing. That DVD gets "sneaker-net"ed to me. I rip the audio the night of the show and start ripping the video. The web site is usually updated with the audio from the show the night of the show. By the following morning, the video is ripped and uploading begins. By the afternoon (recall that some of us have jobs), the video metadata is added and made live, then the link to it is updated on the main page of the TV show. Often, this happens by Monday evening, sometimes sooner.

If there is a glitch along the way, any of these steps could be delayed. 765 should be available in a couple of hours but the audio has been up for a while.

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