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Atheist Experience
I live in a crazy state. Kansas pastor wants gov't to kill all LGBT.

I'm in two minds on this.

Although its outrageous that someone could be legally allowed to try and cause mobs of individuals (or even the government) to commit crimes against humanity.

I also think its fantastic that the church pastors openly express their idiotic barbaric views. So as to show others who have already accepted homosexuality (and other normal society matters) that the church is > WRONG.

Am I also allowed to stand up and say burn down all the churches? I mean it would help future generations of children to not be forced to go to these fear learning crazy places. I suppose that's fighting fire with fire, and I have been told that its not ideal or the atheist way. But it sure doesn't stop me thinking it should still happen.

Another hypocritical fanatic religious nut. If he were in a car accident and the only doctor around was gay, would he be so ridiculous still? If so, then not even his god could save him.

Why do people still follow pastors like this? I mean even if I believed in fairy tale god, I'd still not attend that church. I mean pretty much everyone knows of someone (if not even themselves) who is gay. Are these people so blinded in their ignorance?

I think the US needs more pro-gay commercials or education in school that homosexuality is quite normally accepted now No need for pastors to stay in the cupboard any longer. If this pastor is gay, he just needs to say it, and not hate himself any longer.

I agree with most of your points like how these extreme views can potentially turn people off in a good way. However , "...pretty much everyone knows of someone (if not even themselves) who is gay" is not necessarily true.

It's highly probable that in a small town like Seneca, KS (pop. 1,986) that people don't know a LGBT personally or has had very few experiences with LGBT people.

That said, it is statistically likely there is at least a LGBT person in that community if 8.2% of the US has engaged in same-sex behavior and 4% of the nation is openly LGBT (Williams Institute, UCLA; 2011). That 4% openly LGBT is big, considering 4.8% of the nation is Asian (Census).

One could also assume that the pastor's point of view is a prevailing one in that small community, because they allowed him to get in that leadership position. I feel bad for those potentially gay people there, who are probably either closeted or don't even know they are gay yet (I know a couple). And think about all the others like them in all the small towns. They can't live in freedom in this hateful environment.

I think you are right on target that the pastor is probably gay himself along with the extreme homophobe-turned-gay examples in the past like Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, George Rekers, etc.; and also looking at the social psych research that the most extreme homophobic men tend to also show the most homosexual arousal out of those that also identify themselves as heterosexual men (Adams, Lohr, Wright; 1996).

People put so much stock on these types of leaders, especially those that promote unnecessary us-versus-them BS. I'm reminded of the willfully ignorant in the documentary, "What's the Matter With Kansas", where they follow evangelical Christians, show how they get screwed by their leaders, and still desperately cling to their faith. It's a damn shame that people can hold themselves and those around them hostage like this.

I am a non believer. I have read the book and find it funny that the radical Christian minority only quotes the hateful passages from the bible. They leave out the parts that define Christianity, the stuff about Jesus! The old testiment, is all about a gods wrath, ritual murder, condemnation of others and hell. The part about Jesus (new testiment) tells you to forget that, that you should embrace and love one another unconditionally. It's says that if you judge another you will be judged more harshly by god. The only story this preacher probably knows about Jesus is the one about tearing down the temple after throwing out the tax collectors, evangelists love violence and destruction. But have no fear because if these people are right in there beliefs, it doesn't matter what you do or don't belive, who you sleep with, or how you adorn yourself. Just live well treat others with kindness and respect, and love. There god will take you in and burn them.

"(new testiment) tells you to forget that [old testament]" you say? Mat 5:18 "King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled."

According to the Bible and Jesus, the old Testament is valid and in effect until the end of the world ('all be fulfilled'). It is in fact the same god in both the New and Old Testaments, and his 'son' just said none of the old laws will be changed.

Now, I realize I'm cutting sentences together, but these are the two phrases in your post that stuck out the most to me:

"embrace and love one another unconditionally" and "god will take you in and burn them." That is a disgusting and immoral mixed-message. You can't have unconditional love and also vengeance. Unless you're a sadist. If relishing the image of others being punished is your idea of 'treating others with kindness, respect and love' then I don't even know what to say.

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