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Atheist Experience
Atheist Experience #762: Viewer Calls

PLEASE no more 'atheists' callers saying thanks all the time.

We viewers have to wait a week for this show to come on (by the way it should be everyday, since people do need help everyday) And for what? To listen to atheists (callers) saying thanks and bringing up questions how to debate christians effectively? Well quite obviously not on 'Atheist Experience' since most of the callers are atheists already!

My understanding is you know who's calling and have some info already? (I'm not totally sure on this) Can you TRY to get more religious believers to call in. I don't mind how fanatical they are about their beliefs either. But if I have to hear another atheist caller who's a tad confused about something or who just wants to say thanks! I think I might tune out.

Direct these atheists to Google, or your own online information, then hangup. Christians (and other believers) quite obviously have not found help in these places, therefore THEY are the ones to speak to.

Just in case you absolutely need the thanks: THANK YOU ALL, ON THE ATHEIST EXPERIENCE SHOW. There you go. Now from my understanding there are quite a few 'believers' out there, that would love to discuss any concerns of their beliefs to you. Bring it on.

Hi I'm an atheist... Thank you goodbye.

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