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Atheist Experience
Atheist Experience #757: Viewer Calls

I don't like the tone the hosts set in this episode very much. Jeff Dee is rather abrasive. It seems he gets hot if he feels he has ben interupted, but he is pretty bad for interupting the callers himself. He gives off an air of looking down on the callers, or not liking people very much. Jeff, if you read this, sorry to dog you out m'man. You are a smart guy, but I see this behavior as a problem. My comments are meant in a constructive way, and I hope they are helpful.

There is nothing wrong with the actual content of the show. Both hosts do a great job of stating the facts and using good logic.

It's just that asking people to call in and disuss their opinions and then acting poorly towards them for doing what you asked them to do strikes me the wrong way.

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