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Atheist Experience

Since Matt is lecturing and debating now, is it possible that he will some day debate William Lane Craig? Also, do you think Matt will be able to put him in his place?

More debates please!!!!! Matt is good, and I would like to see that happen as well! I proposed a debate with a few you tube "loud mouths" my self, i hope it gets some steam as i want it to happen. See you tube video if your curious.

No doubt he would, allthough appropriate prepping for each such encounter usually carries with it additional merit.

What caught my ears about Matt specifically, as I've noted on elsewhere, is his conscious handle of the given frame of the given debate. He recognizes the core of the claim, he pursues that specific core with on-point retort and ignores or hinders the opponent from drifting around across the canvas. These are known and honed techniques of debating through reasonable logic. And Matt... well more than most he seems to have it down to a T for most parts, which impresses me (as most simply do not, anywhere close).

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From the officers:

The ACA Lecture Series continues Sunday, March 8th at 12:15pm at the Austin History Center, 9th and Guadalupe. The building opens at noon. Ryan Bell will talk on "My Year Without God: Now a Permanent Condition."