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Atheist Experience
Microchips/Cashless Society.....Mark of the Beast?

Hey guys, I love your show. Im a fairly new viewer and while last year I was head over heels involved in the Christian church and the Bible, my mind always kept me in the state to ask "Is there any proof of any of this?". Your show has helped me greatly in dealing with that and utilizing the logic and brain power I have. While I am not a fan of labeling myself, I must say that my logical reasoning has taken over and commen sense is in control.

So anyway, I do alot of research on different Biblical topics, particularly the end times and associated prophesy. I was curious as to what your thoughts are on the whole notion that the microchipping system that is under development and even in use in some places in the world is or will become the "Mark of the Beast". I am aware that most prophesy is very generalized and has happened many times throughout history and can be deciphered in many different contexts, but the biblical explanations of the Mark of the Beast seem to be much more much accurate in its description than other prophesies, from the location (right hand or forehead) to the fact that it could lead to a "cashless" society, which I have seen some news broadcasts that even suggested the idea of a cashless society by as soon as 2017 with use of this technology. why do you think that this prohpecy seems to be displayed much more accurately that others? Maybe I am not educated enough on the Bibles explanation of this and it is actually as vaguse and generalized as previous prophecy? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I think that it seems so applicable because "marking" is such a broad thing. It could mean holy stigmata, tattoos, scars, jewelry, clothing, or even just ostracism. We humans are very concerned about status and therefore marking is part of the universal human experience.

I wouldn't read too much into this prophecy stuff. Take a look at The Lowdown on God's Showdown. It's a great analysis of the failed prophecy of the second coming.

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