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Atheist Experience
US vs Ballard, Roe vs Wade for atheists

Most atheists have no idea this case even exists, but it is the lynchpin in any fight that we have against religion being a productive one

Essentially, anyone who TRULY BELIEVES what they're doing, no matter how demonstrably false, is immune from prosecution. This ruling allows Scientology and the Mormons to operate in the open despite very public records that they were founded in fraud, and the rest of the theistic universe (Benny Hinn, Creflo,Joel,Popoff etc being prime examples for whom we do not have direct public records of them being founded by scam artists to continue operations

Repealing US vs Ballard is the key to actual success in preventing fraud and abuse, physical and mental that religion brings

Once repealed, the churches can be immediately sued, legally required to produce their gods or have all assets seized and the clergy arrested for collecting money under fraudulent claims, or at least under consumer truth in advertising laws (prove you can provide an afterlife or go to prison). We can prevent children from being indoctrinated by enforcing forbidding the signing of a contract before 18 (which is the case for everything but the "soul") already. Ban homeschooling except in cases of medical necessity(parochial schools already would be banned by the previous indoctrination rule), and I fully believe we can all but kill religion inside 3 generations.

Now I hardly pretend any of this is easy, and an uphill battle would probably be a cakewalk in comparison, and my brother feels that taking this path invites reprisal, but it's obvious to me that our current policies of not engaging, of attempting reasoned debate simply isn't working when your opponent has zero consequences for their crimes.

So I'd like to hear what the people here have to say about it, since I've bombed out to a busy signal every time I've tried to call :)

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