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Atheist Experience
A comment on the ACA

There have been a few posts on these forums espousing certain nihilistic attitudes. Some have been mine, but others have also added there thoughts. I find it interesting that they often go without comment, especially when they speak of morality. This is a topic I would think atheists of the ACA would pounce on considering they care so much about ethics and moral topics. But, it seems to me they have nothing to say when dealing with a fellow atheist and nihilist that calls them on their bullshit. The bullshit is that atheists too delude themselves like theists into making up their own reality. Apparently it is all fun and games until someone catches the hypocrisy.

I have to wonder, if is a nihilist and doesn't care about anything, why they'd be terribly concerned about getting a response. (Half joking.)

I think the atheist position is that you make up your own meaning in life. If you lack it, I can't give it to you.

Don, I think you make the mistake in thinking that nihilism equates to not caring. Just because I do not think there is inherent meaning and that all morality is manufactured by the attitudes and values of the given culture does not mean I think people should not be ethical. Being the amateur philosopher I am, I do find this position paradoxical (is that the right word?), especially if I do philosophize. But, it should not be mistaken all nihilists, especially those of the political persuasion think the same way. I have often found there is a misconception about nihilism and that its philosophical underpinnings stopped with Nietzsche and the existentialists or at least the current literature is so overwhelmed by an attitude of disdain and fear mongering by the media. To understand this think about religious people and their distrust of atheists. As I mentioned before, the atheists can take up the absurdist position, but in the end is still a nihilist of a different degree. If atheists think their is objective inherent meaning and the cosmos has a plan for you, then I have a hard time distinguishing between the theist and atheist. Besides, to answer your question concerning a response, I imagine that ACA atheists such as yourself care about education, philosophy, and defending your position. I also assumed you cared about living a reality-based life and not one concocted on bullshit. I could be wrong.


Thanks for the explanation. I agree with you that anyone who thinks there is an inherent meaning in their lives is essentially taking a theistic position, possibly anthropomorphizing the universe.

I think that some of the nihilistic posts in this forum rub me the wrong way because they can be easily read by a theist as "atheists have no morals" and "atheists don't see any reason not to kill others." I don't believe you've made any posts to this effect, however.

Thanks again.

Don, thanks for the response. I understand where you are coming from, but that is the point to my response. Why care so much about what a bunch of hypocrites who choose to make up their reality thinks. Any Christian using my post as a generalization that atheists are immoral are simply uncritical.

Because delusional people cause harm and mass delusion causes a lot of harm. Consider how many people have been killed over Exodus 22:18 or Matthew 27:25. The latter numbers in the tens of millions.

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