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The Tinkerbell effect

This is referring to when the children are asked to clap and believe in Tinkerbell, so that she does not die. I am not sure what this is called, so I will refer to it as the "Tinkerbell effect". Isn't this what most religious people think, that because I can believe it it must be real? This to me is how theists argue, for example William Lane Craig. He presupposes a god exists or that supernature exists without ever demonstrated it. He tends to fall into this way of thinking and thinks words-- logical arguments-- is evidence enough for the existence of said things. Also, when will people start correcting his use of "historical facts" when referring to the resurrection of Jesus and the empty tomb. I find the unwillingness or incapability to address these issues properly during his debates damaging to our side. Making condescending remarks and nonchalantly ignoring the ridiculousness of his claims and/or not addressing them is why he people think atheists can not beat him.

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