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Let's take back our country

I thought everyone might get a kick out of this idea. It's funny but would be cool if we could take it seriously.

I recently found a thread on The Rational Response Squad dealing with the civil war. A site was posted csa.systek, which states that the Confederacy never surrendered. Gen. Lee surrendered his troops, effectively ending the fighting, but Pres. Davis and the vice pres went into hiding and never surrendered, so the south is living in a state of occupancy by a foreign govt.. They are trying to get enough people to acknowledge this to peacefully reinstate the confederacy. This would get us out from under the insane people in the USA fed gov..

I say we hijack the idea, and re-write the constitution, and form the Confederate States Of Atheism! We can make the requirements for holding office have a non-religious belief clause. People holding religious belief cannot vote. Elect scientists and engineers to government positions. Accept other states if they declare they want to be non-religious.

What do you think?

I would like to be free of a lot of people in this country, but open war is not the best way to do it. I value things and to see them destroyed is not my idea of a good time. Besides, I am an American first, then an atheist. I believe that all people should be free despite the attitudes from those who do not share my worldview. Some times freedom as Epictetisus viewed it is of greater value.

Nowhere did I propose war. In fact the second to last sentence in the first paragraph specifically states that they are trying to do it peacefully. We can still be Americans, this would just allow us to claim the right to the confederate states of america as our own and establish it with atheist guidelines. We can copy the present USA constitution, Declaration of Independence and whatever we want, but leave out the parts that have degraded the separation of church and state, establish science and evolution WITHOUT QUESTION, and more. Instead of religious people trampling all over our government like they are doing now, we could ensure they can't in the new CSA. PEACEFULLY!

that is completely stupid. talk about throwing the first amendment out the window.

politically, we should be committed to SECULARISM. we don't need to mirror the intolerance of believers.

How does this toss the first amendment? Ensuring that the government is run by rational people and that religion could not interfere is not against it. It just prevents the shameless hijacking of our government by the religious that is going on now.

You can't get any more committed to secularism than by making an assuredly secular country.

I thought this would be a fun idea to entertain, and really would be fantastic if people took it seriously. Rather than throwing cold water and being negative, I'd like to see people propose ideas on how we could make it work. Think positive, not negative. I really believe that if enough people signed up to agree to re-establishing the CSA, we could get other countries to accept it as a valid country. We could change the world for the better! Think about it. An Atheist America...

To hell with the US, the CSA, the First Amendment, and secularism. Sweden is the place to be.

I was beginning to think no one was even looking at this post.

Wish I spoke Swedish, I'd probably like it there myself, though I don' t tend to like it too cold.

It seems we are often torn between a "get the hell out" response to a seemingly overwhelmingly bad problem, and a "stick around and fight for what we want" one. I think we all consider the first option first, and the second sounds like a lot of hard work, all uphill. I happen to think we are in a critical turning point in time. It is very much like the Spanish Inquisition. The stakes are high and very serious. The only difference is it is not (yet) a government or church overpowering the government that is physically torturing people. It is individuals doing it to ones they claim to love. We may have waited too long to start now, but I think if we do not get deadly serious about our position, we will soon be back at the church controlled state Spain had then. Religious fanatics are pushing their agenda constantly and well, fanatically. They won't give up. All that stands between them taking over this country completely is US. They ARE trying. Seems they win more every day. Hundreds of anti-abortion laws have passed recently. Prayer before any governmental gathering keeps winning out. Evolution v. Creationism is still being fought in many states instead of being laughed out of court. At least down here in Ms, Christian schools are the norm instead of ones that are sure to teach actual science. I think at the very least we need to combine all the atheist organizations into one big one and fight EVERY infraction, small or large on a national scale. The internet is helping, but we need truly secular schools, govt., and money. Whether we actually pursue the possibly very legal route of starting our own country, or making sure that the one we have is indeed secular, we need to act like our lives depend on it, because the insidiousness of it is that it does, even now before they actually start demanding we either worship their god or die. Really, isn't that what they are truly saying already?

I just saw your post & was surprised at the off topic responses. My opinion: They (the confederacy) don't have a leg to stand because they were never a separate country in the first place. If they had won the war they could have declared their independence & been recognized by England. But it didn't happen that way. This area is a little fuzzy but simply declaring your independence does not necessarily make it so.

It's impossible to have religion-free people. Everyone has a set of beliefs with no evidence to back it up.

"Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats." ~source unknown.

This is how I know your idea is a good idea. Immediately everyone started hating it.

I am surprised at the off topic comments as well, as well as pretty much being ignored.

u r right that some people are going to be religious or believe in unverifiable things. I am just saying that they shouldn't be allowed to vote.

It matters very little if the Confederate States of America was legal or valid. As the guys at the Rational Response Squad said, no matter what claim you have on being a nation, you are taking land and resources from another one, so they are not going to give in without a fight.

The point of hijacking the CSA and making it the Confederate States Of Atheism, is an ironic slap in the face to them, and an uplifting validation at the same time. We take that which failed and had bad ideas and infuse it with our views and agenda, thus making it valid, and push it to succeed peacefully. Even if we just took over Texas as a state, think what that would mean? Our constitution would be the same as the federal one, but without the new sections that have caused all the problems of late, and we make it so religious people cannot vote. Even as a state, this would have an enormous impact..

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