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Atheist Experience
"low numbers of atheists" among African Americans

It was brought up few times in the show, like The Atheist Experience #631 The question why there are so few african americans or in layman's (but hopefully not ignorant otr insolent) terms, black atheists.

I guess why most african americans cling to their belief maybe even more than a caucasian or "white" american or any other theist, well probably other than muslims who try to compete with the huge christian population, who yell it 5 times per day through boxes on our/their (i am in an islamic country) mosques that their god is the greatest and claim that their fairy tales are more accurate because they contain parts of the bible "but its not ridiculous unlike the bible"... (anyhow back to the point) is african americans having been opressed and abused until recently and still facing many of the problems nowadays. Living a humble life lead by a strict and unjust hand, which used that belief to brainwash anything else out of their heads and replace it by biblical teachings.. well.. african americans or "slaves" as they were called and treated as, could feel "god's wrath" in first hand not too long ago.. unlike the other theists which however strengthen their belief since they are "boxing in their corner".

And gospels contain hidden messages for former slaves to flee and avoid capture and finally get away from their slave drivers. (The only one i now remember is "Wate In The Water" but from what i know there are others with more detailed instructions to escape captivity)

The same belief and faith (one could assume, just like one tends to assume other unreasonable things) freed them and helped them establish a more important position in the USA and in the world alltogether, regardless on the real situation which i don't want to go into at this point.. So just like other christians were handing their belief down to other generations and forcing it onto other people, african americans do so with their offspring and friends and so on and eventually even inspire black people in other countries to consider the absurdities because of their example.. be it because of Pascal's wager or whatever else reason..

Based on my observation, unfortunately i only met a low number of black people in germany when i lived there for 8 years and even less here in Bosnia, also i believe we can say for sure sure that you can learn one or the other thing from TV shows and movies if you are careful enough,( also sorry if i chose the wrong term when i say black people.. but african american doesn't apply to all of them/you guys.. my english is not that good so i apologize if i got somebody offended,) however, I believe that their comunities and families often have a different approach towards religion and "teaching the word of god". Most churches in the mainly caucasian communities seem to have some sort of sterile boring atmosphere where you go and communicate and spend some time together with your neighbors and friends and fellow citizens and get over with your "duty to god", while african american communities seem to have a more friendly, lively and party like atmosphere with more emotions, with a stronger feeling of togetherness, and many of their spiritual leaders putting more "heart" and emotions and eventually even more effort in reaching out to their little sheep (sorry to call the child by its name, Jesus did so as well if i remember correctly). So even if you are doubting the teachings, just like anybody else you are being discouraged to scrutinize, but at same time the feeling of togetherness brings more of that promised love to you so you have probably less reasons to doubt, especially, and yes i am deliberately going back to that point, the word of god "set you free" after all.. so why not stick to it?

Also, the stronger feeling of togetherness could be more of a reason for such atheists to refrain from coming out of the closet.. No crime is bigger than to turn your back to god after all, so even if you do, you might not want the others to know.. even more than other believers feel that pressure from their communities and families. So they just nod and make a good face to the bad game.. Thats my interpretation.. is there any truth to it? What do you guys think? And what could help black atheists to handle the peer pressure and prevent their kids from being dragged into the fantasy land?

I hope to get some input here.


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