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Atheist Experience
Doesn't anyone find this disturbing?

I came across this site because i wanted to know when this "judgement" would take place. Upon reading this i realized that God is frigging Santa Clause. Keeping a tally of everything you do, then punishing you for it! What i also got from this website was that upon your death you know nothing and then are judged. There is a huge mind erase that takes place and you are judged. So, if there was a hell there are people there and they don't even remember why!

Where is the mercy for that? Punishment for a crime that I don't even remember?! But you do, so it's fair? WTF?

The concept of original sin is another no-win situation. You DESERVE to be punished eternally for the "sin" of having been born human. It harkens back to that ridiculous Adam and Eve story. Supposedly, the only way out is to believe in Jesus and give 10% to your local parasitic minister. Right.

The eternal damnation bit is what started me away from God. i couldn`t believe that he was merciful. For a long time I was deist and then one day I had to try and explain myself to a Christian and he carped much of the usual theism excuses. But I didn`t have anything to say because I hadn`t read my bible in a long time. I went back to the Bible, and coupled with my study of literature and history, it helped me see the light. I`m atheist and have evidence, especially Biblical, and like you guys I agree that what`s in that book and what religion does to people is just pure disturbing, evil and immoral. I fail to see how cutting off my foreskin could possibly help me to understand a universe I`m not supposed to try and understand until I`m dead. And there is no loving God if he thinks nothing of making sure people die slowly. The only redeeming feature of the Old Testament is that they hadn`t invented Hell yet. And the Christians love their Jesus because they think he`s the better choice.

Zoroastrianism came up with the ideal of 'Hell' in the 6th century BC. Christianity co-opted the concept as a means of reconciling the concept of 'messianic' with the non-Jewish adherents (i.e., otherwise, why would 'Gentiles' give a sh!t about the about the fortunes of the Jewish State? What do non-Jews need rescuing from?).

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